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Keeping Speeding Tickets Off Your Driving History

Beating speeding tickets in Georgia is very difficult. Laser and radar guns have been scientifically verified to the point where judges must always believe the evidence they present i.e. your alleged speed. In order to beat a speeding ticket at trial, you must have a legal defense to beat the speed measurement device. Defenses to (read more)

MADD Victim Impact Panel Use On The Rise

Judges in the Metro Atlanta area have been sentencing more and more people convicted of DUI’s, drug and alcohol offenses, and even Possession of Marijuana to a MADD Victim Impact Panel. 10 years ago, when I was a prosecutor, MADD Panels were just being introduced to the courts. Today, many courts have taken to these (read more)

Pretrial Diversion Program In Municipal Court of Atlanta Offers Huge Benefits

People who have received a traffic citation in the City of Atlanta now have a new option to dispose of their ticket, and avoiding an increase in their insurance premiums. Many people are not aware that the Municipal Court of Atlanta located at 150 Garnett Street Atlanta, Georgia 30303 has a pretrial diversion program for (read more)

Suspended Registration Is Not The Same As Expired Tag; Suspended Registration Is Much More Severe

Suspended Registration Vs. Expired Tag Being charged with Suspended Registration is entirely different than being charged with Expired Tag.A Suspended Registration charge requires a minimum $500 fine, this charge goes on your driving history, and will suspend your driver’s license. The license suspension is for 120 days, and there is a limited permit for work, (read more)

Georgia Super Speeder Penalty

Most drivers in Georgia are not aware of the Georgia Super Speeder Law. If you are convicted of speeding 75 mph, or more, on a 2 lane road, or 85 mph, or higher, on a 4 lane highway you will receive an additional $200 fine from the State of Georgia. This fine is in addition (read more)

Suspended License Charges Can Mean Jail Time and Further License Suspension, But It Doesn’t Have To

Driving On A Suspended License is a very serious charge in Georgia. Being convicted of this charge carries a minimum punishment of 2 days in jail, a $500 fine, and an additional 6-month license suspension. This license suspension is a hard suspension meaning there is no limited permit for work, school, etc. You can rack (read more)

Drivers Are Often Incorrectly Charged With Hit And Run In Georgia

Hit and Run License Suspension Drivers convicted of Hit and Run in Georgia will have their license suspended for a minimum of 120 days. There is a limited permit for work, school, etc. for this type of suspension. However, when possible, it is always best to avoid a license suspension. Keeping a license suspension off (read more)

Under 21 Year Old Drivers In Georgia Face Harsh License Suspensions for Speeding

Georgia drivers under the age of 21 can easily have their driver’s license suspended for speeding, and other offenses. Drivers Under The Age of 18 Driver’s under the age of 18 will have their license suspended for a minimum period of 6 months if they accumulate a total of 4 points in 2 years. Most (read more)