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What to Expect if You are Arrested for Battery

One arrest can change the entire course of your life in an instant. In some situations, this change can happen after an altercation with a person you know or a stranger that you never expected to end in a criminal charge. If you are in a fight with another person, even if it is self-defense, (read more)

What is a Bench Warrant and How Could it Affect Me?

Throughout the state of Georgia, newspapers regularly include a list of individuals for whom the local police are looking. These individuals usually have a bench warrant issued for them, and the police are seeking the public’s help in finding them. While the average person may go their entire life without facing a warrant, it is (read more)

What to do if You are Charged With Public Drunkenness This Summer

Throughout the summer it is normal for people to attend multiple parties and social gatherings that involve drinking. While there is nothing illegal about an adult over the age of 21 consuming alcohol in acceptable locations, drinking in excess could cost you dearly. In the state of Georgia, public intoxication, also referred to as public (read more)

Things You Should Know Before Accepting a Plea Deal

After being arrested for a crime in Georgia the first, and natural, though most people have is ‘How do I make this situation go away?’. No one wants to stand in front of the judge again and risk a long jail sentence after spending a few days or hours in a jail cell. Out of (read more)

Tips for Fighting Traffic Tickets

How to Fight Your Traffic Ticket Each year, thousands of Georgia drivers are stopped and issued traffic citations for a variety of offenses. Traffic citations can be issued for: Driving without a license or with an expired license; Failure to maintain lane; Driving without a seatbelt; Aggressive driving; Operating a vehicle with expired tags; Following (read more)

What are Your DUI Checkpoint Rights?

Each summer, the increased number of vehicles on the road leads to a large number of drunk driving accidents. The number of deaths related to motor vehicles doubles each summer, encouraging local law enforcement agencies to strictly enforce Georgia driving under the influence (DUI) laws. One common enforcement method is the use of DUI checkpoints. (read more)

Three Common Field Sobriety Tests

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that places everyone on the road in jeopardy. Each year over 3,000 people lose their lives as a result of motor vehicle accidents that involved a person driving under the influence. The danger caused by people driving drunk leads to law enforcement officers actively seeking out (read more)

Can I Refuse Sobriety Testing?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) developed several field sobriety tests that are used by law enforcement officials nationwide to determine if a driver is operating a vehicle while under the influence. These tests are used before, or in conjunction with, traditional blood alcohol tests and are administered prior to a driver being detained. (read more)

Why Georgia Drivers Should Not Pass a School Bus

In the state of Georgia, driving past a stopped school bus is a serious offense. According to Georgia law, when a school bus stops to let off children, the traffic in both directions must come to a full stop. Unfortunately, not all drivers obey this traffic law. Impatient drivers or those who recently got their (read more)

Five Texting While Driving Facts

In past decades, driver distractions were limited to their passengers, radios, and objects on the road. Now, thanks to the advancement of smartphones, nearly all adults have access to a world of information that drastically increases the chances of them taking their eyes off of the road for a crucial second. Georgia in particular has (read more)