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Three Things Every Georgia Driver Should Know About Driving Without Insurance

Getting motor vehicle insurance is one of the first things that a new car owner must do before driving the car home. Once you have purchased your car in Georgia, you must maintain insurance coverage on it in order to operate it legally. Unfortunately, some car owners make the mistake of letting their insurance coverage (read more)

How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

In Georgia, getting a speeding ticket is much more than a minor inconvenience. Not only does receiving a speeding ticket mean that you will have to pay a steep fine or attend traffic court, it could also affect your ability to retain your driver’s license or maintain car insurance coverage. Once you have received more (read more)

Marijuana Possession and DUIs in Georgia

Each year in Georgia, a number of motorists are charged with driving under the influence of marijuana. Earlier this month, a woman was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana due to a motor vehicle crash that occurred on Interstate 75 in Cobb County. The accident occurred when the motor vehicle driver struck a (read more)

Available Speeding Ticket Defenses in Georgia

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that each year about one in 10 motor vehicle drivers are stopped for speeding with about 70% of these drivers receiving tickets. For some individuals, paying a speeding ticket is often the best idea, while other individuals might desire to avoid consequences by fighting a ticket. In either (read more)

Running Red Lights in Georgia

There are a number of unsafe driving behaviors that are practiced by motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia. These driving behaviors include speeding, talking or texting on cell phones, and running red lights. Running red lights creates a significant risk of motor vehicle drivers causing a motor vehicle collision, and in fact, it (read more)

Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Georgia

Many motor vehicle drivers in Georgia have at least once traveled faster than the speed limit. Unfortunately, one time is all that it takes for a motor vehicle driver to go past the speed limit. In many circumstances, motor vehicle drivers have reason to believe that their speeding ticket was improperly issued and that they (read more)

Driving Without Insurance in Georgia

The Georgia Office of Highway Safety estimates that approximately 100,00 individuals will be injured and over 1,000 people killed in accidents that occur on Georgia roads in a year. While these accidents can create a large number of problems, one significant issue that arises in many accidents is that the driver who is liable for (read more)

Penalties for Speeding Tickets in Georgia

Speeding tickets in Georgia can present individuals with a variety of obstacles. Forbes recently ranked Georgia as one of the worst states in the country for speeding tickets. The state of Georgia has a long standing reputation for speed traps, especially in Atlanta. Incidents involving speeding are also focused on with increased effort during the (read more)

Running a Red Light in Georgia

Statistics indicate that each year in the United States, 90,000 people are injuries and 1,000 people are killed due to traffic accidents in which a motor vehicle driver runs a red light. Being issued a ticket for running a red light in the state of Georgia can occur in a variety of ways. Red light (read more)

Trying to Escape a DUI Charge

In the beginning of December, a man jumped off a bridge on Interstate 75 in an effort to escape law enforcement during a traffic stop and subsequently fell. Law enforcement attempted to rescue the man, but the man proceeded to jump over the bridge’s retaining wall and plummet 70 feet. Firefighters eventually had to rescue (read more)