Super Speeder

Georgia Super Speeder Law

On January 1, 2010 the Georgia Super Speeder Law went into effect. Under the Georgia Super Speeder Law drivers convicted of speeding 75 mph or more on a 2 lane road or 85 mph or more on any road or highway in the State of Georgia is a Super Speeder.

In addition to paying the speeding fine levied by the local court the driver will also have to pay an additional $200 fine to the State of Georgia. When The Georgia Department of Driver Services receives notification of the Super Speeder conviction they will mail the additional $200 fine to the driver.

If the driver does not pay the $200 Super Speeder fine their Georgia Driver’s License, or privilege to drive in the State of Georgia, will be suspended.

To remove the suspension and reinstate their license the driver must pay the $200 Super Speeder fine, and an additional $50 reinstatement fee.

Super Speeder fines, and suspensions, also apply to out of state drivers who are convicted under the Super Speeder Law.

There are no additional points, or charges, added to the driver’s license for being classified as a Super Speeder.

The Super Speeder fine is not based on the speed on the citation, but rather the speed that is reported to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Therefore, if a driver is ticketed for speeding 85 mph on a highway, but the prosecutor reduces his speed to 84 mph then this driver will not be given an additional $200 Super Speeder fine. Likewise, if a driver is ticketed for speeding 75mph on a 2 lane road, but the speed is reduced to 74 mph this driver will not receive a $200 Super Speeder fine from the state.

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