Suspended Registration

Georgia Suspended Registration

Being charged with driving on a suspended registration should not be confused with operating a vehicle with an expired tag, or operating an unregistered vehicle. Operating a vehicle with an expired tag and operating an unregistered vehicle are minor offenses, which do not go on your driving history, and only require a small fine. Driving on a Georgia suspended registration is a misdemeanor which carries a minimum fine of $500, up to 12 months in jail, suspends your driver’s license, and goes on your driving history.

Despite these harsh penalties, driving on a suspended registration is one of the hardest charges for the prosecution to prove. For the prosecution to secure a conviction they must show that someone drove a motor vehicle knowing that the vehicle’s registration was suspended.

In the vast majority of these cases the driver is not aware that their vehicle’s registration is suspended. Most people don’t know that a vehicle’s registration has a history the same way a driver has a driving history. The vehicle’s registration history will indicate whether or not the State of Georgia properly notified the driver that their registration was suspended. If the state has not notified the driver of the suspension then the prosecution cannot prove the person was knowingly driving a vehicle with a suspended registration.

The notice requirement is the best defense to this charge, but it is not the only one. Due to these defenses many driving on a suspended registration cases can be dismissed, or reduced to a less serious offense, so the driver does not have to endure the harsh penalties and license suspension this charge carries. If the charge is not dismissed the charge can most likely be reduced to a charge that does not go on your driving history, suspend your license, nor will it affect your insurance premiums.

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