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I Got a DUI In Texas and My License Was Suspended. Can I Still Drive in Georgia?

Even though Georgia isn’t a signatory to the Driver License Compact (DLC), that doesn’t mean that getting your license suspended in one state won’t have repercussions back home. Georgia still has laws on the books that will address your out-of-state license suspension. In most cases, you’ll also forfeit your driving privileges in the Peach State. (read more)

Woman Arrested for Second DUI Following Fatal Bike Accident

An Atlanta-area woman has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after a bicyclist was killed in an accident in Sandy Springs. 34-year-old Antoinette Battle will face charges for DUI and vehicular manslaughter for her role in the fatal crash. According to reports, this is not Battle’s first DUI arrest. She was previously arrested in (read more)

DeKalb County Detective Arrested for Drug DUI in Atlanta

A DeKalb County detective has been arrested on suspicion of DUI. According to reports, Justin Hamilton was driving his personal vehicle while off duty in Atlanta when he veered onto the sidewalk and struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian was transported to a local hospital after complaining about pain in his leg. Hamilton waited at the (read more)

Georgia DUI Expert Arrested on Drunk Driving Charges

Police officers aren’t above the law. If an officer drives drunk they won’t get special treatment. In fact, the penalties for a police officer convicted of DUI can be even more severe than for everyday citizens. This is a reality Glynn County officer Kevin Yarborough may soon have to face. Yarborough, who is recognized as (read more)

DUI Accidents and Driving Too Fast for Conditions

A Gainesville teen recently died while three other individuals are in critical condition following a collision with a motorist who was operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs. A motorist was driving north on Georgia 60 when the motorist crossed the centerline and collided with an automobile carrying a woman and three teens. Law (read more)

DUI Results in Crash on Lawn

A University of Georgia student was arrested for driving under the influence after the student crashed a vehicle in Athens-Clarke County. Responding to a report of an unresponsive motorist at the location, law enforcement found the driver’s vehicle over a curb and resting partially on someone’s lawn. The motorist reported going to a friend’s party (read more)

DUIs and Impeding Traffic in Georgia

A Sandy Springs motor vehicle driver was recently arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Alpharetta. The driver’s 9-year-old daughter was in the vehicle at the time. The driver failed to turn on a green light on Westside Parkway. Unfortunately, an Alpharetta law enforcement officer behind the motorist at the green light and (read more)

Georgia College Gets Grant for Alcohol Awareness

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has awarded a $7,400 grant to the Student Health Services department at Georgia College to be used to teach students about the many dangers that come with the use of alcohol. This grant allows Georgia College to purchase a lot of educational equipment that the College could not otherwise (read more)

More Individuals Charged With DUIs Due to Drugs

The number of individuals who are arrested for driving while high on illegal drugs has risen by 20% in the state of Georgia in the past five years. Georgia does not track arrests for driving while impaired by specific substances. Law enforcement officers are trained to look for both a driver’s physical symptoms and the (read more)

Endangering a Child and DUI Cases

A Roswell mother was recently involved in an accident that endangered the life of her child after driving head-on into another vehicle. The woman was driving under the influence and texting while her 3-year-old child sat in the back seat of the car. The woman’s car subsequently collided with another vehicle near Atlanta Street and (read more)