Fatal DUI Crash Livestreamed on Instagram

Although it has been just over a year now, memories of the fatal DUI crash that was livestreamed on Instagram in July 2017 are surely still haunting the family that lost two daughters in one unforgettable moment. 18-year-old Obdulia Sanchez, the driver of the car, was driving her 14-year-old sister, Jacqueline Sanchez, and 14-year-old Manuela Seja. The vehicle swerved and then overcorrected, veered across the road, crashed into a barbed wire fence, and rolled into a field. Obdulia Sanchez was arrested for suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, a DUI charge that no one wants to ever have to face.  

The Livestream Video

The livestream video showed Obdulia behind the wheel of the 2003 Buick wearing a red baseball cap. She was singing along to the music blasting in the background and looking into the camera. She gestures with her hand toward the camera and, all of sudden, the video starts to shake and then the screaming starts. After the crash, the video resumes, showing Obdulia outside of the vehicle, explaining to the camera that if she goes to jail, everyone will know why.   

The camera view then moves to her sister, who is lying on the grassy field, appearing to be suffering from severe head trauma. In the background, the other passenger, Manuela Seja, can be seen waving frantically for help. The viral video invoked a plethora of emotions, from angry comments accusing Sanchez of exploiting the incident to comments that were grateful and promising to share the video as a reminder to not drink and drive.  

The Double  Tragedy

In February 2018, Obdulia Sanchez was sentenced to prison for six years and four months for child endangerment, DUI, and gross vehicular manslaughter. The parents of the Sanchez girls lost two daughters in one day – one to jail and one to death. Yet, despite alcohol playing a role in the crash, the father still called the tragic incident an “accident.” “It was an accident. It happened that way. Who knows why,” Nicandro Sanchez told the news.  

The Sentencing

It was a tough battle – Merced County Deputy District Attorney Thomas Min was pushing for a sentence of 12 years in prison. However, Obdulia’s public defender, Ramnik Samrao fought for Sanchez to be sentenced to what her family was asking for – probation, so that Obdulia could be home with the family. However, no one really wins in a court battle like this.

A Strong Defense

This hard lesson for one teenager was a morbid reminder for anyone out there that drinking and driving absolutely do not mix. Everyone makes mistakes, and when tragedies occur that involve you or your loved ones, you should turn to a defense attorney you can trust. If you are charged with DUI in Atlanta, you need to contact an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney who has fought serious DUI battles in the courtroom. All DUI charges are serious and can carry serious penalties, so they need to be handled with extreme care. Call our office today at (404) 467-1747 today for a free consultation to find out what we can do for you.        

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