Running a Stop Sign in Georgia

running a stop sign

Each year, a countless number of individuals in the state of Georgia are charged with running stop signs. Many individuals charged with running a stop sign decide to retain legal representation to respond to the charges, which can be particularly complex.

Motor vehicle drivers must remember to always fully stop at an intersection with a stop sign merely than slow down. Due to the lack of available evidence in many cases, stop sign violations frequently revolve around one individual’s opinion measured against the opinion of law enforcement. In a large number of cases where a motor vehicle driver ran a stop sign, it is a good idea to fight the citation because the cost of pleading guilty is likely more expensive than fighting the violation. Prosecution will be required to present sufficient evidence to a court of law to demonstrate that the individual ran the stop sign.

Even if prosecution is able to present a sufficient amount of evidence concerning the violation, the legal counsel at Yeargan & Kert, LLC knows how to create strong legal defenses in order to argue against these charges. Some of the available legal defenses include the following:

  • The Law Enforcement Officer Did Not Have a Good View. Motor vehicle drivers are required to stop at or before the line at an intersection. In many cases, individuals who stopped at the appropriate point in the road receive citations from law enforcement officers who did not have satisfactory views to truly see where the motor vehicle operator stopped. In order to create a strong defense arguing this point, individuals must often use photographic evidence to demonstrate exactly where the law enforcement was sitting. These types of cases will be strengthened if an individual can demonstrate that any type of obstruction like foliage or a building where in the middle of the law enforcement officer’s point of view.
  • The Limit Line or Stop Sign Was Barely Visible. Weather conditions have been known to make limit lines at intersections barely visible. Municipalities have also been known to poorly upkeep these lines which can make motor vehicle operators uncertain about where exactly a driver is intended to stop. Stop signs can also be hidden by a variety of obstructions including bushes, branches, or other types of natural barriers that can prevent motor vehicle operators who are unfamiliar with the area from noticing the stop sign while through the area. In order to satisfy that a stop sign was not clearly visible due to no fault of the driver, the motor vehicle operator must demonstrate that the individual made a reasonable mistake.
  • The Stop Sign Was Recently Installed. If motor vehicle drivers are cited for running a newly installed stop sign, the drivers might be able to  create a strong defense. When new signs are placed on roads that are familiar roads, motor vehicles operators in the state of Georgia have been guilty of making such a mistake. Often, motor vehicle operators must demonstrate that the stop sign was recently installed, which frequently requires the use of photographic evidence.

Consequences Of Running A Stop Sign From Yeargan & Kert, LLC

As a result of running stop sign citations, individuals will receive fines as well as have three points placed on their driver’s license. It is also very likely that an individual’s insurance rates will increase as a result of receiving a citation for running a stop sign.  The accumulation of greater than fifteen points in less than a twenty four month period will result in an individual’s driver’s license being suspended. In addition to the citation, individuals who run a stop sign and receive a violation are also at risk of additional charges. Law enforcement in the state of Georgia remains vigilant at a number of stop signs in order to observe motor vehicle operator behavior.

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