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If you are facing a DUI, drug, or other traffic charge it is very important that you hire an attorney. While you can hire any attorney you would like, wouldn’t you rather hire an attorney that knows both sides of prosecution and defense? Wouldn’t you rather hire an attorney who not only knows the individual police officers, but has also trained them? Wouldn’t you rather hire an attorney who has spent all night on the road working with these officers? Wouldn’t you rather hire an attorney who has worked with and trained the prosecutor in your case? If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,”, then call our team of experienced DUI attorney’s today for your FREE case evaluation

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    Jim Yeargan

    James Yeargan is one of the most respected, and sought after Atlanta DUI Lawyers. His successful defense record, and unprecedented devotion to his clients, has earned him this honor. Mr. Yeargan ’s reputation as a tenacious DUI practitioner, coupled with his remarkable trial strategy and indomitable presence in the courtroom, have earned him the moniker “DUI Jim” throughout the Atlanta community, and Georgia at large. It is his dedication to his clients that makes Mr. Yeargan ’s DUI practice so unique and sought after.

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    Julie Kert

    A highly successful and effective criminal law attorney, Ms. Kert has handled more than 1,000 DUI cases, and served for eight years as a DUI Prosecutor and is intimately familiar with all the maneuvers and strategies prosecutors and police officers use in Georgia DUI cases. Ms. Kert is someone you can be confident will give you the best defense.

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    Jon Majeske

    Jon Majeske joined the firm after spending 10 years in private practice defending high profile, and serious felony cases. In addition to handling hundreds of traffic tickets and DUI cases Jon has tried and won numerous rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated assault,burglary, trafficking, and capital murder cases. Jon is also a master of the criminal appeals process. He recently overturned, and secured the dismissal, of a 30 year old child molestation case. Whether your charge is as simple as a speeding ticket, or as complex as a death penalty murder case, then Jon Majeske has the knowledge and experience you need.

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    Lindsay Haney

    Lindsay Haney joined the firm after spending years as a Cobb County DUI, traffic, and drug prosecutor in the Cobb County Solicitor’s Office. At the Cobb County Solicitor’s Office, she also prosecuted and tried thousands of cases such as battery, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana, and other criminal offenses. Before joining the Cobb County Solicitor’s Office, Lindsay worked in the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office. There, she learned how to handle serious felony cases such as drug possession, trafficking, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and murder. Lindsay has extensive trial experience both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. She has tried and won countless jury trials, motions hearings, and probation revocation hearings. Lindsay is a master when it comes to handling probation revocation hearings, and she has literally saved her clients hundreds of years in jail. Lindsay is an expert in DUI, drug trafficking, probation revocation, and all matters of criminal defense law. If you have been charged with a DUI, are facing a probation revocation, or you are charged with a serious felony, Lindsay Haney is the aggressive, experienced, and successful attorney you can trust.

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    John F. Gilkey

    John F. Gilkey is our Paralegal and is the first point of contact for our clients as they enter the office. John has earned Associate degrees in Criminal Justice and Social Services from the Community College of the Air Force and a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies from Herzing University. He is a 20 year military veteran and a key part of Jim’s success.

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