Body Cams In Atlanta DUI Arrests

Last year, the Atlanta police announced the potential purchase of Atlanta police body cameras, but this plan promptly fell apart because law enforcement could not decide who should be awarded the contract. The Atlanta City Council, however, recently approved a $5.6 million purchase of 1,200 cameras and video story equipment.

There are some other important elements that individuals should understand concerning the role that body cameras play in Atlanta.

The Climate Requesting Atlanta Police Body Cameras In Atlanta DUI Arrests Has Increased

The increase in tragic accidents occurring between law enforcement and the public has increased significantly over the last few years. Atlanta law enforcement announced that the organization believes that Atlanta police body cameras will increase trust between law enforcement and the surrounding community in addition to increasing the public’s visibility about how accidents occur.

It remains to be seen whether body cameras, however, will be effective in increasing the trust between law enforcement and the surrounding communities because dashboard cameras, will available for many years, have not served to deter these tragedies.

Body Camera Footage From Atlanta DUIs Will Likely Be Difficult To Obtain

Individuals will likely need to make an administrative request, which might include a subpoena, to the appropriate law enforcement agency in order to obtain footage from a law enforcement officer’s body camera. Law enforcement agencies might also erase or destroy footage from body cameras before individuals can obtain this information.  

The Role Of Body Cameras During DUI Stops

The role those body cameras will play in future DUI accidents is uncertain. Evidence obtained from body cameras will likely be able to show clear indication that an individual was intoxicated.

Motor vehicle drivers who are able to demonstrate that a discrepancy exists between law enforcement’s reports and what the body camera footage says will be able to fight charges. As a result, body cameras will also be able to provide motorists who were not intoxicated with evidence that can then be used to defend against DUI charges.

Body cameras footage will also likely be able to demonstrate whether an individual was truthful on the witness stand in if the DUI case goes to trial. Video footage obtained from body cameras will also help a skilled DUI attorney better handle biased parties involved in the event.

Body cameras will also be able to determine whether consent was obtained by law enforcement to search an individual’s motor vehicle. This footage will also if consent was obtained through threatening actions or language made by law enforcement. In addition, body camera footage will also demonstrate whether a motor vehicle driver properly received Miranda rights warnings prior to being interrogated by law enforcement.

How An Experienced Atlanta DUI Attorney Can Help

Atlanta is just one city of many that have chosen to begin implementing Atlanta police body cameras on its law enforcement officers. Atlanta police Body cameras can be a tremendous aid to law enforcement or motor vehicle drivers dependent on the circumstances. If you face a DUI charge in Atlanta, contact a skilled and experienced attorney at Yeargan & Kert who knows how to fight zealously for your case and understands all updates to how DUI stops occur.