Driving With An Expired License

Driving With An Expired LicenseIn order to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Georgia, an individual must possess a valid driver’s license. Individuals must appreciate that driving without a valid license or even driving with an expired license is a particularly serious traffic offense which has the potential to result in various penalties

For individuals who have been arrested or cited for driving with an expired driver’s license, the legal counsel at Yeargan & Kert, LLC can prove to be particularly beneficial. Our legal counsel knows how to analyze an individual’s case in order to determine the best method of action so that an individual’s situation involving an expired license can resolve in the best possible manner.

The applicable law in the state of Georgia requires motor vehicle drivers to possess a valid driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle on highways and streets.

When individuals drive on an expired license, individuals can expect to face penalties if caught and convicted. The best-case scenario is if an individual can renew their license to take to potential hearings at a court of law. An important aspect of driving on an expired license charge is that an individual must intentionally and willfully have operated a motor vehicle on a public street or highway while the individual’s license was expired.

Renewing an Expired License

Individuals are able to renew their driver’s license or identification card up to one hundred fifty days prior to the expiration date of the license. Being prepared and renewing an individual’s license often can prevent a number of substantial obstacles.

For individuals whose: license expired two years ago or more or driver’s history has been purged and do not hold a valid out of state license, the individual must pass certain tests in order to obtain a driver’s license. Individuals must successfully pass a road sign test, road rules tests, an actual driving test, and for applicants who are older than sixty-four years of age, a driving test.

In order to renew one’s driver’s license, an individual will be expected to meet several additional requirements. First, individuals must pay fees to renew their driver’s licenses. Individuals will also need to provide documentation establishing that individual’s identity, social security number, two proofs of residency, and if at all applicable, change of name documents.

There are several methods that individuals can use to renew their expired driver’s license which includes physically renewing the license at the individual’s local Department of Driver Services Office, online, or in the mail.

Renewing a Suspended License in Georgia

If an individual’s driver’s license is suspended in the state of Georgia or any other state, an individual will not be able to renew their driver’s license until their privilege to have a driver’s license is restored. Individuals, however, can apply for an identification card during the period that a driver’s license is suspended.

Some of the most common reasons for receiving a suspended license are failure to appear at traffic court, refusing to submit to a driving under the influence test, failing to pay child support, driving without insurance, driving on a suspended license, accumulating more than fifteen points on an individual’s driving record in less than a twenty four-month period, or using a driver’s license in a fraudulent way.

Available Defenses For Driving With An Expired License

Fortunately, individuals are sometimes able to argue that they did not possess the necessary elements in order to be charged with driving on a suspended license. Being able to introduce evidence of one’s valid driver’s license in court creates at the time of the offense creates strong evidence that an individual is not guilty of this criminal charge.

By creating a strong defense, legal counsel can help individuals avoid the penalties that might be faced for such an offense including fines, license suspension, points being placed on the individual’s driving record and increased insurance costs.

In other situations, an individual might have moved and failed to receive a renewal application for the individual’s driver’s license in the mail which means that an individual might not have been aware that their driver’s license was expired. Individuals are also sometimes unable to obtain a driver’s license if they are unable to obtain proper documentation including a birth certificate, social security card, and two bills that establish an individual’s physical address. Individuals who lack proper documentation are sometimes able to renew their licenses, which could create significant complications.

Foreign Drivers, Driver’s Licenses, and Driving With An Expired License in Georgia

The state of Georgia recognizes valid driver’s licenses issued to and held by residents of other countries provided that the individuals have “out of country” licenses. In many situations, individuals can drive in Georgia for up to one year on a valid foreign or international license.

Individuals need not apply for a Georgia unless they become a resident of Georgia. In order to become a resident of Georgia, individuals must meet the appropriate requirements regarding citizenship, identity, and residency.

Potential Consequences For Driving With An Expired License

There are several adverse conditions that individuals can expect to face if charged with driving on an expired license. Individuals who charged with an expired license ticket can expect to pay fees of up to two hundred dollars for driving on an expired license for the first time, three hundred dollars for a second offense, and four hundred dollars for a third or subsequent offense.

In addition to these fines, individuals can expect to face imprisonment between two days to one year and a fine of up to five hundred dollars for a first time offense of driving on an expired driver’s license, imprisonment between ten days to one year and a fine of one thousand to two thousand five hundred dollars for second or third time offenses, and between one to five years in prison and a fine of two thousand five hundred dollars to five thousand dollars for a fourth or subsequent offense.

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