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If you have received a DUI you know you may face serious life-changing consequences. You can’t risk trusting your representation to just any lawyer. You need someone with a proven record of accomplishment. Jim Yeargan has specialized in DUI cases his entire career, and he is a specialized Dunwoody DUI lawyer.

His experience and energy will provide you with strong support, and a skilled defense. He and his caring office staff are the best choice to help you win your case. We proudly serve Dunwoody, Georgia, and we also serve those in the surrounding areas of DeKalb County.

You have legal rights when answering DUI charges, and you must ensure these rights are protected and maximized. Your first step is to secure the best counsel possible, and that means contacting Yeargan & Kert, LLC. We are here for you day and night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We know that people’s need for help is not limited to strictly business hours so neither are we.

Does Having a Lawyer Dedicated Exclusively to DUI Really Matter?

Let’s be frank. If you have received a DUI, you are facing some extremely serious legal issues that may impact the rest of your life. While other kinds of cases may not demand a specialized lawyer, the gravity of this kind of charge definitely does.

You need an attorney who specializes in DUI law and only DUI law. Your attorney must know all the details of the laws, and the intricacies of the court system in Dunwoody.

There is no better DUI specialist than Jim Yeargan. He has vast experience on both sides of the DUI courtroom. Early in his career, he worked as a DUI prosecutor. This gives him a depth of knowledge few other defense lawyers have about how the justice system handles DUI cases.

Since he has been serving this area for so long, he personally knows many of the judges and prosecutors who will be deciding the outcome of your case. This invaluable experience enables him to use his understanding, and skill, to ensure the best result for your unique situation.

Jim Yeargan, and his team of specialists, only handle DUI cases. This dedicated focus means they have up-to-the-minute knowledge, and experience, completely at your disposal.

Dunwoody Georgia’s Critical 30-Day DUI Window

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Dunwoody GA you have a serious 10-day clock that is already running. You only have 30 calendar days from the date of your arrest to prevent your driver’s license from being administratively suspended. If you want to keep your right to drive you must engage a Dunwoody DUI lawyer right away. Your Dunwoody DUI lawyer needs to immediately file a request for an Administrative License Suspension Hearing (ALS).

If you don’t file for an ALS hearing within this vital 30 day period then your license will be suspended, and you may not be able to get it back for up to one year. You must engage a Dunwoody DUI lawyer who is willing, and able, to act quickly on your behalf to stop this suspension.

Call Yeargan & Kert, LLC immediately after your DUI arrest. They will file the ALS letter straight away to prevent any avoidable license suspension. It doesn’t matter what day, or time, you are arrested. We are coiled and ready to strike to help you handle this situation. Our commitment to you is 24/7/365, not Monday through Friday 9 to 5.
Consequences of a Dunwoody DUI

The impact of a DUI arrest may be far-reaching. A conviction means you are facing one or more of the following repercussions:

Yeargan & Kert, LLC Know Precisely How to Help You

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Dunwoody help is only a phone call away. You don’t have to face this alone. Though you may be anxious, or even embarrassed, don’t let that stop you from dealing with this situation proactively.

There is an understanding, non-judgmental, powerfully skilled team ready to come to your aid. All you need to do is dial our number for help right now.

Why Choose Yeargan & Kert, LLC? That’s Simple! Successful Lawyers Generate Successful Clients!

No matter what the situation you deserve the best possible defense for yourself. You have a legal right to it. An experienced, reliable Dunwoody DUI lawyer is the backbone of your defense. Having helped thousands of DUI clients in Georgia, Jim Yeargan understands both the law, and how you are feeling right now.

Long lists of satisfied reviewers have posted their comments on AVVO, Yelp, and other sites.

This may be one of the most stressful periods of your life. Don’t go at it alone. We have helped thousands in similar situations, and we know how to help you. Remember, there is no wrong time to call, 24/7/365.

Learn Your Options When Facing a Dunwoody DUI

Many people arrested for DUI believe they must plead guilty. This is absolutely not true.

Each case has unique facets. A smart experienced Dunwoody DUI lawyer will study all of the intricate details of your situation. Due to this analysis, and investigation, you may discover that you don’t have to sacrifice your future with a guilty plea.

You have several undeniable legal rights, including:

However, these are not actions to try by yourself. You need a calm, insightful, and experienced Dunwoody DUI lawyer working on your behalf

Always keep this fact in mind: just because you have been arrested for DUI does not mean you will be convicted of a DUI!

A Dunwoody DUI Lawyer from Yeargan & Kert, LLC Brings the Fight for You

You are in a serious situation, and you need serious assistance. You need someone to go to court with your best interests as his only concern. You need someone with deep-rooted knowledge of the DUI laws, and court system in Georgia. You need someone who is familiar with both prosecuting DUI cases and defending DUI cases.

You need someone who will take the time to steer you through the legal system, answer your questions, guard your constitutional rights, and enable you to put this incident behind you as quickly as possible.

Mr. Yeargan has been practicing DUI law his entire career, and he has a remarkable depth of knowledge of the courts, the laws, and the subtle, complex workings of DUI cases in Georgia.

How a DUI Arrest Works in Dunwoody GA

Police officers in Dunwoody GA who feel you may be driving under the influence will either stop your vehicle by pulling you over on the side of the road, or they will stop you at a roadblock.

Roadblocks For DUI

Did the police arrest you at a DUI roadblock in Dunwoody GA? Here are some basic facts you need to know. The law clearly mandates that law enforcement officials setting up roadblocks must follow specific guidelines. Some of these guidelines include having the proper authorization to implement the roadblock.

The police must also ensure the vehicle checks are completely random, and there is a minimal delay to traffic. Additionally, the roadblock must be properly marked. An experienced Dunwoody DUI lawyer knows a number of ways in which an individual’s rights may be violated during a stop at a roadblock.

If your DUI arrest came as a result of a roadblock it is imperative to speak to a skilled Dunwoody DUI lawyer with experience defending roadblock DUI cases. Jim Yeargan and his team of precision experts will evaluate what took place during your roadblock arrest. They will determine whether anything about the roadblock could result in the dismissal of your charges.

Jim Yeargan and his skillful team have the knowledge and experience to examine and review the circumstances surrounding your roadblock. If any of your rights were violated because procedures weren’t precisely followed you may be able to have the charges against you dismissed.

You need a Dunwoody DUI lawyer who is skilled in evaluating the most minute evidence obtained in DUI roadblock arrests. Jim Yeargan is that Dunwoody DUI lawyer.

If You are Pulled Over for DUI

A police officer cannot pull you over for a DUI unless he has a legal reason to do so. Examples of this may include running a stop sign, weaving, speeding, driving erratically, or failing to maintain a lane.

The officer who makes the traffic stop must record the reason for pulling you over. If he does not the court may dismiss your DUI charges. This is simply one of many attacks an experienced DUI lawyer will launch to try to dismiss your charges.

After stopping your vehicle the officer will check to see if you are impaired if he has reason to believe you may be intoxicated. Some reasons include the officer smelling alcohol coming from you, or in the vehicle, spotting empty containers in the car, or claiming you had slurred speech and bloodshot/glassy eyes.

At this point, the officer may ask you to submit to field sobriety tests. If you fail the tests or refuse to perform them, the officer will arrest you for DUI.

You are allowed one phone call if you are arrested for a DUI. Jim Yeargan, and his incredible team of DUI experts will begin working immediately to secure your rights and give you the support and advice you need, any hour of the day, any day of the year.

What are Field Sobriety Tests for DUIs?

If a police officer stops a driver in Dunwoody GA, and suspects he may be operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, or other substances, the officer may ask the driver to perform field sobriety tests. This is the main method of determining if the driver is impaired. Should you ever be asked to perform a field sobriety test it is helpful to understand what the tests involve.

Field sobriety tests are seemingly simple, divided attention, physical exercises that require the driver to demonstrate motor control, dexterity, memory, and balance. If one fails these tests is considered direct evidence that the driver may be under the influence.

There are several common field sobriety tests an officer may ask you to perform:

When an officer suspects a driver of DUI, he usually administers the field sobriety tests as the first step of his investigation. If you fail these tests the officer may continue by attempting to test your breath for the presence of alcohol by using a portable breath test (PBT).

The majority of law enforcement vehicles in Dunwoody GA use in-dash camera systems. These cameras automatically record all traffic stops to protect the public and the officers. Your field sobriety tests are more than likely recorded. This footage may be used as evidence in court to show how you performed on the tests.

However, just because the field sobriety tests were recorded this does not mean that the alleged results are accurate, or that the tests themselves were administered correctly. Jim Yeargan, and his team of specialized defense attorneys are well versed in the details of the correct administration of these tests and the proper interpretation of results.

Jim Yeargan is NHTSA certified not only as a field sobriety testing practitioner, but he is also NHTSA certified as a field sobriety testing instructor. Additionally, Jim and several members of his team were guest DUI instructors at several police academies across the state.

When you chose Jim Yeargan, and his tactical team, to protect your rights, they will minutely examine the footage involving your traffic stop paying special attention to the field sobriety tests. Using their expertise in DUI law, they will know if the tests you performed were correctly administered and interpreted.

If they were not, Jim Yeargan will take immediate, decisive, and appropriate action.

What to Expect and Know about Blood Tests and Breath Tests

As the first step in determining DUI, police officers in Dunwoody GA will usually perform field sobriety tests such as asking you to walk a straight line heel-to-toe, or standing on one leg and counting out loud. However, the most accurate way to confirm a driver’s intoxication is through one of two chemical testing procedures. One is a blood test, and the other is a breath test. Both allegedly measure the alcohol content in the human body.

In Georgia, a driver over the age of 21 is considered to be driving under the influence if his BAC is over 0.08%. Suspects under the age of 21 are legally intoxicated if their blood alcohol content is 0.02% or more.

If you are stopped for a suspected DUI you have the option to refuse chemical testing of your blood, breath, or bodily substances. However, doing so may have serious repercussions. Georgia is an implied consent law state.

When you accept and use your driver’s license you’re “implying” that you will giving consent for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test if you are arrested for a DUI. If you are not careful, refusing to take the BAC test may result in the immediate loss of your driver’s license.

Multiple DUI Offenses in Dunwoody GA

Police officers in Dunwoody GA vigilantly watch for drivers under the influence. For the safety of the public, and other drivers, they make these arrests a high priority. Within the Georgia court system, DUI cases carry special significance and mandatory punishments. Even first-time DUI offenders may face stiff penalties.

What to Expect: First DUI Offense

A first-time DUI arrest and conviction may carry one or more of the following consequences:

If you are facing a DUI charge, and it is your first offense, don’t delay. Just because it is the first offense this does not mean you will avoid severe consequences. Call Jim Yeargan immediately, and get the advice and assistance you need.

What to Expect: Second DUI Offense

With such severe penalties for first offenders, it is not a surprise to hear that consequences for a second DUI arrest in Dunwoody are even more stringent. A second DUI arrest may result in:

If you have been arrested for a second DUI offense in Georgia you need a strong, experienced legal team to take your side. Jim Yeargan is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What to Expect: Third DUI Offense

Receiving three DUI arrests in Dunwoody GA opens the door to some potentially life-altering consequences. We cannot emphasize the seriousness of this situation enough. If you have been arrested a third time for DUI, the penalties may include:

Please realize that a felony charge has long-term repercussions. A felony charge may affect your job, educational opportunities, credit, reputation, and your right to vote for years.

If you are currently facing a third DUI arrest in Dunwoody Georgia you need an experienced legal team in your corner. Engage a Dunwoody DUI lawyer who knows the best way to guard your future well-being. Jim Yeargan and his caring, knowledgeable team are available at this very moment to help you. Call us now and you won’t have to fight this alone.

How the DUI Court Process Works in Dunwoody GA

If you have been arrested for DUI in Dunwoody you undoubtedly have many questions about what to expect, and you also have serious concerns about your future. We have answers. Jim Yeargan and his team of dedicated attorneys will give you the individual time and attention you need to understand your situation, and they will explain the next steps in the process. We will focus on protecting your rights, supporting your cause, and help you regain your peace of mind.

In Dunwoody, the Municipal Court handles all misdemeanor cases, traffic offenses, and local ordinance violations. If a member of the Georgia State Patrol, or the Dunwoody Police Department, arrest you within the Dunwoody City limits your case will be heard in the Dunwoody Municipal Court.

After you are arrested the police officer will give you a piece of paper called either a citation, or a bond. This paper has several pieces of information on it including the date of your arraignment. All arraignments in the Dunwoody Municipal Court take place on Mondays at either 8:30 AM or 1:00 PM.

On the day of your arraignment, you will appear before a judge. He will ask if you are planning to hire an attorney, or whether you have done so already. The judge will also review your rights, and the three possible pleas you may make concerning your DUI charges.

The plea choices are:

  1. Guilty.
    This means you admit you admitted the charges against you, and you are responsible for them. The judge will give you a sentence.
  2. Not guilty.
    This means you deny the charges against you or believe the prosecution cannot prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. You will be given a future court date, and this is when your case will go to trial.
  3. No Contest/Nolo Contendre.
    This means you do not admit or deny the charges against you, but you are not contesting them.

It is absolutely critical that you come to your arraignment, and every future court date. If you miss your court date you will be charged with Failure to Appear (FTA). A Failure to Appear charge requires the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to suspend your license.

If you don’t resolve your FTA, and provide documentation to DDS within 28 days after the FTA, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended.

There are other potentially serious consequences should you miss your DUI court date in Dunwoody. The judge in charge of your case will immediately issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This means you may be arrested, and taken to jail by any law enforcement officer at any time.

You will be required to pay a bond to release yourself from the warrant at which time you will receive a new court date.

If you do not appear at this second court date, your case will be forfeited and the prosecution wins. You will automatically be found guilty on all charges.

What a Dunwoody DUI Lawyer from Yeargan & Kert, LLC Can Do

In the Dunwoody court system, a DUI case may be comprised of a myriad of factors of which you are not aware. These factors may cause significant consequences that will come as unpleasant surprises unless you have someone watching out for your best interests. Upon your arrest contact a skilled, experienced Dunwoody DUI lawyer right away to protect your rights, and steer you through every step of the court process.

Jim Yeargan will provide you with a free consultation. With Mr. Yeargan as your Dunwoody DUI lawyer, you can relax knowing that he will answer all your questions, defend your rights, and offer you the wise, experienced advice of a seasoned DUI lawyer.

Jim will gather several important pieces of evidence regarding your arrest in order to mount a strong defense. He will get these from the arresting agency such as the Georgia State Patrol, or the Dunwoody Police Department. This information will include the audio and video recordings from the police car’s recording equipment.

A knowledgeable Dunwoody DUI lawyer will use this information in your defense. He will study the recordings and evaluate the way you were driving, the conversations and interactions you had with the arresting officer, and the administration and results of any field sobriety tests.

In addition to the audio-visual recordings your lawyer will obtain copies of police reports filed by the arresting officer. This will enable your attorney to review the officer’s written record of the arrest, and any other relevant information to your case that is contained in the report.

Your lawyer has access to all of this information because of the discovery process. This is a legal requirement in which the prosecution is mandated to share all information about your case with your legal team. This ensures your Dunwoody DUI lawyer can prepare the strongest defense possible.

Your Dunwoody DUI lawyer will carefully review every detail of the written and recorded evidence. He will be looking:

Your attorney should also have in-depth knowledge of the judicial system and offer you clear, truthful, and legally accurate information about how the judge and prosecution will view your case. Together you can decide the best way to proceed with your case.

Why You Need a Dunwoody DUI Lawyer to Assist with Plea Deals

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest your Dunwoody DUI lawyer may be able to work with the prosecution to arrange a plea deal on your behalf. After carefully studying all the information about the arrest a defense lawyer may meet with the prosecution to discuss a sentence that is acceptable to both sides.

Sometimes the prosecution may offer a reduced sentence if you have no criminal record, or there are special circumstances pertaining to your arrest.

Often a plea bargain still contains some degree of conviction and punishment including community service, and a fine. An experienced Dunwoody DUI lawyer knows how to work with the prosecutor to secure an outcome that is acceptable to everyone involved.

Occasionally, especially if you are a first time offender and you have a good record, the prosecutor may accept a plea deal to avoid the time and cost of a trial. Though this is a small point an attorney knowledgeable about the prosecutorial process will use this fact to help you reduce the possible long-term effects of the DUI on your future.

Former prosecutors, such as Jim Yeargan, are extremely familiar with the court’s and prosecutor’s backlog of cases, and they will use the fact to secure a better deal on your behalf.

Few attorneys know this prosecutorial process better than Jim Yeargan. He spent many years prosecuting DUI cases so he knows exactly how to work with the prosecution for the best possible outcome. Jim Yeargan, and his amazing team have successfully negotiated hundreds of advantageous plea bargains for their DUI clients, and they may be able to help negotiate one for you.

If your defense lawyer cannot reach a plea agreement with the prosecutor then your case will be scheduled for trial in front of either a jury, or a judge. When trials are in front of a judge they take place in the Dunwoody Municipal Court on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 9:00 am.

Jury trials are scheduled in the DeKalb County State Court, and are not held in the Dunwoody Municipal Court.

The Pretrial Diversion Option

In certain instances a Dunwoody case may qualify for the Dunwoody Municipal Court’s Pretrial Diversion Program. This program allows you to accept responsibility for the charge, not have it appear on your permanent record, or on background checks. Only certain charges such as possession of marijuana, shoplifting, or minor in possession of alcohol may qualify for the diversion program.

You may be able to choose the diversion option if:

If you qualify to take part in the Pretrial Diversion Program the court will assign you several requirements that may include payment of a program fee, random screens for drugs and alcohol, possible treatment for alcohol dependency, and probation.

By completing these requirements you will not have the charges on your permanent record, and you will not face the stiffer penalties you might have incurred such as losing your driver’s license for an extended period, or serving jail time.

Separate but Equally Important: Administrative Cases

Most of the DUI cases in Dunwoody Municipal Court have two elements: the criminal case, and the administrative case. The administrative case occurs alongside the criminal case, and is focused solely on a few issues. These issues include:

If you submitted to chemical testing after you were arrested and your BAC was above .08 percent, or if you refused to take the test, the state of Georgia will begin preparing to suspend your license for one year.

You only have 30 calendar days after your arrest to file an appeal to prevent the state from automatically suspending your license. If you file the appeal correctly you will be scheduled for an administrative hearing to stop the pending suspension.

Generally, the administrative hearing is straightforward. The officer, and your Dunwoody DUI lawyer, will review whether or not the officer who arrested you had legally reasonable grounds to arrest and test you to determine your blood alcohol content, whether he accurately explained your Implied Consent Rights to you, and whether he administered the chemical test correctly.

The administrative case is vitally important. Even though it is separate from the criminal case it can definitely affect it. You need a skilled Dunwoody DUI lawyer representing your best interests in both cases to ensure you navigate this process with the best possible outcome.

When you need to appear in court, or at a hearing or trial, you do not want to go alone. You also don’t want a defense lawyer who lacks the in-depth knowledge, and skill, necessary to represent your DUI case effectively. Jim Yeargan , and his exemplary team, bring years of expertise in DUI litigation to every case helping you to put this incident behind you, and focus on your future.

Other Special DUI Circumstances in Dunwoody GA

Besides the scenarios, we have already discussed there are other DUI situations that can carry serious consequences, and require the assistance of a skilled Dunwoody DUI lawyer like Jim Yeargan.

DUIs for Drivers Under 21 in Dunwoody

As it is in most states the legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. Not surprisingly drinking underage, and then driving under the influence of alcohol, causes multifaceted problems with severe penalties.

A driver under 21 in Dunwoody who is arrested for a DUI faces a special DUI charge. The BAC for a driver under 21 is 0.02%, not 0.08% as it is for adult drivers. If the driver loses his license as a result of this charge he will not be eligible for a limited permit so he may drive to school or work. Law enforcement may also bring additional charges against the driver including minor in possession of alcohol.

Jim Yeargan has in-depth knowledge about defending underage DUI clients because of his years of experience both as a DUI prosecutor, and as a Dunwoody DUI lawyer. Call his offices 24/7/365 to talk about your case, and evaluate your options.

DUI and Child Endangerment in Dunwoody GA

A driver who is arrested for DUI in Dunwoody GA, and who has a child under the age of 14 in the car at the time of arrest, will face additional charges of DUI child endangerment. This area of the law often entails stiff, complex punishments.

These can include, among other things, huge monetary fines, loss of child custody, extended license suspensions, and a permanent criminal record that will impact your life for years.

If you have been charged with child endangerment because of a DUI arrest you have no time to lose. Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC immediately to secure your current and future parental rights.

DUI Includes More than Alcohol

In Dunwoody, a DUI is not limited to driving under the influence of alcohol. Frequently drivers are charged, and convicted, of DUI for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs.

Most people believe the term ‘drugs’ refers only to illegal drugs.

This is not true.

Any drug, legal or not, that impairs your ability to operate a vehicle can warrant a DUI arrest. A prescription, or over-the-counter medication, that has side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness may affect your ability to drive. You may be arrested for DUI for having only ingested legal medication.

Make sure you carefully read the warnings on any medications you take before you get behind the wheel. Take these warnings seriously. The fact a doctor may have prescribed these medications to you is not a defense to a DUI charge.

Unlike alcohol, however, there are no defined legal levels, or limits, for drug intoxication. This fact makes this area of DUI litigation especially complex. Navigating these murky legal waters requires a Dunwoody DUI lawyer with skill, knowledge, and experience dealing with DUI drug charges.

Jim Yeargan draws on his in-depth knowledge gained from extensive training, and an entire career devoted to practicing DUI law in the Georgia criminal court system. He will answer all of your questions, guide you through every step of the process, making sure you understand your rights and options while offering trustworthy legal advice.

DUI and Marijuana Possession in Dunwoody

Besides the information we already provided about drug-related DUI charges all drivers in Georgia should know about the specific laws addressing marijuana related DUI, and marijuana possession.

As with any DUI offense a law enforcement official must have a legal reason to arrest you before bringing any marijuana charges against you in Dunwoody. If you have marijuana in your possession, either in your vehicle or on your person, you may face additional repercussions.

These consequences may include losing your license for a minimum period of 6 months, and this is a hard suspension meaning there is no limited permit for work, school, or any activity.

These drug-related DUI charges are as serious, if not more so, as DUI charges involving alcohol. Jim Yeargan and his team of experienced attorneys have the knowledge, strength, and commitment to help you through this challenging time.

DUI and Vehicular Homicide

A car accident that causes the death of another is a tragedy for all involved. If you are a driver in an accident involving a fatality the repercussions have the potential to shatter your future. You must get the help of an exceptionally skilled, and experienced, Dunwoody DUI lawyer immediately.

When a fatality occurs as the result of a car accident in Dunwoody law enforcement officials will typically test everyone involved for their blood alcohol content, or the presence of drugs. If they determine that drugs, or alcohol, contributed to the crash that person may be charged with one or more counts of Vehicular Homicide. These felony-level charges carry life-changing consequences.

If you are facing Vehicular Homicide charges call us right now. We will protect your rights with all of our resources: experience, skill, knowledge, compassion, and energy. Your entire future is at stake, and you cannot risk it with mediocre legal representation.

No matter what the circumstances of your Dunwoody DUI case we are prepared to help you at any hour on any day. Every DUI charge carries serious consequences, and involves a journey through a complex legal system. Let our team of tenacious Dunwoody DUI lawyers use their myriad of skills, and broad legal knowledge, to help you handle both the decisions and the stresses that come from a DUI arrest.

Don’t wait. Call now. Your most powerful ally is waiting to help.

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