DUI Defense Attorneys in Brookhaven, Georgia

DUI Defense Attorneys in Brookhaven, Georgia

Jim Yeargan is a high-ranking Brookhaven DUI lawyer who has significant experience that comes into play when helping you win your lawsuit. Mr. Yeargan has been active as a lawyer for over two decades as he’s worked to defend clients who have been accused of a DUI.

He doesn’t just go to court for his clients, his law firm works tirelessly to build a case that wins. When looking for a Brookhaven DUI lawyer, Jim Yeargan and his law firm is the right choice. We accept clients from the Brookhaven and surrounding areas, and we know how to win cases.

Hiring an Experienced Brookhaven DUI Lawyer is Essential: Yeargan & Kert, LLC

If you want to win in court, it’s imperative to get an experienced Brookhaven DUI lawyer that knows how the system works. Without an experienced Brookhaven DUI lawyer, you’re not getting your best chance to win in court.

When you contact the law firm of  Brookhaven DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan, you’ll be taking an important first step toward winning your case. Our law firm wants to help you win in court. We can offer the legal help, counsel and support you need to come out on top. We are available and ready to serve you around the clock, so the best time to call is right now.

Benefits of Getting a Lawyer Who Specializes in DUI Cases: Yeargan & Kert, LLC

In the interest of full disclosure, you don’t always need a legal specialist to win your cases. There are several areas of law where the type of attorney you choose does not matter. This is simply not the case with DUI incidents. Not only do you face the very likely scenario of losing your driver’s license, but you may also be facing serious civil and criminal issues.

Recovering from a DUI offense can negatively impact your life. You may find yourself out of work, end up in jail, find it difficult to obtain a new job and even lose custody of your child. You simply can’t afford to not hire a dedicated Brookhaven DUI lawyer to represent you, and you also need to make sure you hire someone who understands the issues surrounding a DUI case in Brookhaven.

Hire a Former Prosecuting Attorney

When you need to hire an attorney to represent you, Brookhaven DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan has the experience necessary to help you win your cases. He has worked as a prosecutor in the very same DUI courts that he currently defends.

This unique experience has given him an understanding of the obstacles that you’ll face as you defend yourself in court. He has a thorough understanding of how the legal system works, and he knows how to help you get the best possible outcome for your case.

He also knows the prosecutors and judges that will be hearing your case in court. This gives him a substantial leg up on the prosecution and makes it possible for him to come up with the best defense possible.

License Suspension Warning in Brookhaven, Ga.

If you call us right away, we can help you file the proper paperwork to prevent the possible suspension of your license. Taking immediate action is required, and you have a very short time frame to file this paperwork.

You’ll need to take action within 30 days to file an administrative license suspension (ALS) letter. When you call us to set up an appointment, we can begin working to defend you no matter what hour you find yourself in need of help.

Consequences of a Brookhaven DUI

In Brookhaven, the consequences of getting a DUI extend far beyond simply getting your license revoked temporarily. It’s possible to lose your license permanently if you’re convicted of a DUI. You could also end up carrying massive financial obligations and even a prison sentence.

When you get a DUI conviction, it’s going to negatively affect your driving history and record. If you do keep your license, you’ll likely end up paying more in auto insurance. Getting a DUI conviction is a serious problem, and it can completely turn your life upside down.

With the proper representation, you can often avoid many of the negative consequences of getting a DUI. Imagine the humiliation associated with not being able to get a driver’s license and you’ll begin to understand how this can negatively impact your emotional state of mind. We use our licenses for everything from opening a bank account to verifying our age. Without a license, you’ll often find yourself feeling compelled to explain why you only have a state-issued ID.

Help Is Available for You

Getting arrested and getting a conviction are not the same thing. While it may seem like being arrested and possibly spending the night in jail means you’re convicted, it’s not the same thing. We can help, and when it’s all over, you will be in a better position than if you decided to not seek representation.

You are not the only person suffering from a DUI conviction, and there are many other people in Brookhaven who are experiencing the same thing. You have rights you might not even be aware of, and our legal team is there to help you navigate these uncertain waters. Don’t let anxiety about paying for representation or any other issue control your actions. Give us a call, and let us help you find out what can be done to improve your situation.

Jim Yeargan Is an Effective, Compelling and Strong Brookhaven DUI Lawyer

Do you want someone who has successfully defended more than 4,600 people in the state of Georgia? That’s a lot of clients, and Mr. Yeargan has received several positive reviews on sites like AVVO, Yelp and others. You’re likely suffering from anxiety now and you shouldn’t have to wait to get the help you need.

A DUI conviction is like a race. The moment you’re arrested, elements start to align without your knowledge that work against you. The evidence against you is gathered, appointments are made and you’ll find yourself in an increasingly difficult situation if you wait too long. Don’t allow your stress to escalate any further.

Give our team a call, and we’ll make certain you get the representation you need to succeed. Getting representation won’t just help you in the future, but it will give you a frame of reference to deal with the situation in a calm way.

Consider All Your Options If You’ve Been Arrested on a Brookhaven DUI Charge

There are many aspects of a case that need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Pleading guilty on a case is something that is often interpreted in the wrong way. If you hire a Brookhaven DUI lawyer that knows how the system works, you’ll be able to get a complete review of every detail in your case to make certain your future isn’t going to suffer from a single mistake.

A Brookhaven DUI lawyer can review your case and help present you in the best possible light to reduce the severe impact of a DUI indictment. It’s important to remember that you do have legal rights, and just because you made a mistake it doesn’t mean you don’t have any chance at a future. There are many routes an accomplished Brookhaven DUI lawyer can take.

The manner in which you were arrested can be called into question. The protocol used during the arrest, the evidence may be faulty and even the reason for the arrest can be called into question. All of these issues need to be addressed in a timely manner and there are strict timelines for filing paperwork on your case. You need a competent third-party who can address your case from a position of knowledge and authority and give you the best chance for ensuring your rights are protected.

Do Not Attempt to Represent Yourself

Your life is valuable. When you take matters into your own hands, you’re missing out on the chance for a real resolution of your situation. Jim Yeargan is a highly effective Brookhaven DUI lawyer, and he knows the complex laws associated with DUIs. Reading the law and understanding how it applies in actual practice are two entirely different things.

You may think you can represent yourself, but you will miss important details of the case and it’s very likely your situation will simply get worse. There are many regulations that a police officer must follow when pulling you over. In many cases, these regulations are not followed and this can serve to work positively in your favor.

DUI Roadblock Operations and Arrests

When you’re suspected of driving while intoxicated, the officer must pull you over and ask you to stop driving. You’ll be asked to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road or use a checkpoint. This is an obligation by the police officer.

In DUI roadblock operations, there are specific rules that must be followed. The legal system outlines the manner in which a roadblock may operate. Police officers must enforce a litany of rules in a roadblock. For example, the public must know about the roadblock ahead of time. It can’t simply be put up on the spur of the moment. There should be a record of any roadblock ahead of time. Vehicles must also be checked on a random basis. In Georgia, if you’ve been arrested during a roadblock, it’s possible your rights have been violated.

Getting stopped during a roadblock means that you need to contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer.

Jim Yeargan can assess your situation and the circumstances to determine whether an arrest at a roadblock was completed in a legal manner. In some cases, it’s possible to legally dismiss any charges against you if the law enforcement officer failed to follow proper roadblock rules. You’ll need a team of professionals to determine if your case meets the conditions for dismissal.

Police Officers Must Obey Laws

It should go without saying that a police offer must follow the law when pulling you over. An officer that doesn’t follow protocols is banking on the fact that you won’t hire a lawyer to represent you. The officer must have a reason for pulling you over. They must see you driving erratically, weaving in and out of the lane or driving in an unsteady pattern.

It’s also permissible to pull you over if you commit other traffic violations like running through a red light or using excessive speed.

The police officer may not provide a written account to indicate why you were pulled over in the first place. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s not enough to just show up in court and explain this to the judge. You’ll need an Brookhaven DUI lawyer who knows how to defend this type of omission to get you the best possible resolution.

When an officer pulls you over, the officer is allowed to give you a sobriety test. However, they must have a reason to suspect you’ve had too much to drink. If your breath smells like alcohol, the officer sees empty beer bottles in your car or there are bottles located inside your vehicle, you may be asked to take a sobriety test.

If there is a reason for the officer to suspect you’ve been drinking, the officer may give you a sobriety test. This can be in the form of a field sobriety test or a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. Failure to pass these tests may result in the officer legally arresting you for a DUI charge.

When you are arrested, the single most important thing you can do is make a phone call. Don’t call your family or friends to come down and help you out, give our law firm a call. It’s the simplest and most effective way to ensure your rights are represented.

We can take care of getting in contact with your family and friends, but the most important thing is that you get immediate representation. It’s never too late to call, we won’t judge you and we’ll get you immediate help in a moment when you need representation the most. We are always available to help you assess your strategy.

Understanding the Field Sobriety Test

In Brookhaven, Ga., when you’re pulled over due to a suspicion of drink driving, the police officer can administer field sobriety tests. This test may also be given if the officer suspects you of taking any illegal drugs. Field sobriety tests are designed to determine whether you are too intoxicated to drive, and it can be used as the basis for a DUI arrest. If you’re pulled over, it’s important to understand how the field sobriety tests work.

Field sobriety tests are physical tests that attempt to determine whether you have the necessary motor skills to maintain proper balance while walking. The test is designed for people who have good balance and motor control. In a perfect world, only people who have been drinking or taking drugs would fail the test. If you can’t pass the test, the officer can state that you are in fact guilty of a DUI.

These tests are often shown on television and in the movies. The officer may request the individual follow a line while maintaining a perfect balance. They may ask you to touch the heel of your foot to the toe of your other foot. You also may have to recite the letters of the alphabet in the proper sequence.

Other common requests include touching the nose with one finger or keeping an eye steadily focused on the officer’s finger without moving the head. The scariest part of all this is that the perception of the officer is all it takes to convict you of a DUI.

The field sobriety tests are often the first tests that are requested. If you fail this test, then the officer is justified in asking you to complete additional tests. After failing a field sobriety test, you may be asked to take a blood or breath test.

In Brookhaven, Ga., most of the police cars come with built-in dash cameras. These systems work to automatically record any details of an encounter. The camera can also be used to verify that a field test occurred. The footage may be used in court to show that you were in fact intoxicated. This can serve as proof of whether you were able to pass the test.

Even with videotaped field sobriety tests, these tests are not perfect. They don’t always offer a true indication of an individual’s level of intoxication. At the Law Offices of Jim Yeargan, we have DUI defense lawyers who have intimate knowledge of field sobriety tests and they know how they are supposed to be administered correctly. At our law office, we know how to review any available tapes, and showing the video in court can demonstrate any mistakes that were made.

The moment you contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer, we will set to work fighting your DUI arrest. You’re going to get an outstanding legal team working for you, and you’ll have the best chance at winning your case when you choose our team to represent you. Our team of lawyers will look at the entire collection of evidence to determine if any of your rights were violated.

What You Must Know About Breath and Blood Tests

The best way to prove a person is driving under the influence is by using a chemical test. These tests are more reliable, and they are able to accurately reflect the true amount of alcohol in the body. The two most common tests include the blood test and the breath test. While these tests tend to be accurate, there are many factors that can affect the reliability of any of these tests.

A blood alcohol concentration test (BAC) is one of the main tests that is used to obtain a guilty verdict. If the BAC is higher than 0.08 percent and the driver is of legal drinking age, the person is considered legally inebriated. For an individual under 21 years of age, the BAC must be 0.02 percent or higher.

It’s important to realize that these tests are more difficult to contest in court, especially if you don’t have a competent Brookhaven DUI lawyer representing you.

When you’re asked to stop driving your vehicle because of a DUI offense, you’re generally not legally obligated to take a blood alcohol test. While you can refuse to take the test, the State of Georgia has an implied consent law. This means you are obligated to take the test and failure to do so often results in the loss of their driver’s license.

If this happened to you, you’ll need a Brookhaven DUI lawyer to represent you and file the proper motions to regain your driving privileges.

Multiple DUI Offenses in Brookhaven

Police officers and constantly on the lookout for people who are driving under the influence. Most police officers have developed an excellent ability to determine if a person is driving under the influence. Drivers who are suspects are detained and arrested.

Penalties in Georgia are extremely harsh if you’ve been driving under the influence, and you’re going to need someone representing you to reduce or even prevent these harsh penalties.

An individual who has been charged with multiple infractions faces even more serious legal repercussions. Even if you do not have any previous history involving DUI arrests, the legal consequences of a DUI conviction can still devastate your life and affect you for years.

The First DUI Offense

The initial offense may end up costing you $1,000 in fines. You also may have to face jail time that could last up to one year. It’s almost certain you’ll have your driver’s license suspended, and the suspension could last as long as 12 months. Additionally, you may also have to perform community service for a set number of hours per week and take driver’s education courses.

If this is your first DUI arrest, waiting to see how things go and procrastinating is not the right way to go about solving your issue. You need competent legal advice from Brookhaven DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan right now.

The Second DUI Offense

A second-time offender can potentially suffer much more serious consequences than the first-time offender. The person facing a second DUI offense may result in additional prison time. You also may end up with extra fines, additional community service hours and a loss of the driver’s privileges for up to three years.

Some DUI offenders may also have to install interlock devices that prevent their cars from starting unless they prove they are sober. With so much to lose, you simply must contact Brookhaven DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan immediately to get a complimentary consultation on your case.

The Hearing and Arraignment

In Brookhaven, every offense that is a misdemeanor, a local ordinance violation or a traffic offense must go through the Brookhaven Municipal Court. If you’ve been arrested, you’ll need to go to the correct Municipal Court for your hearing. Brookhaven Municipal Court is located on the first floor of the Brookhaven Police Department.

After you’ve been arrested, you’ll get a bond or a citation. When you receive a bond, you’ll see the arraignment date. The arraignment occurs in front of a judge, and one of the questions you’ll be asked is if you plan on hiring a lawyer for your case. During the arraignment, you’ll get a detailed explanation of all of your rights and any pleas that you are entitled to make that are related to the offense you are being charged.

If you tell the judge that you’re taking full responsibility and accept all legal responsibility for your crime, you will effectively be entering a guilty plea. If you do not want to enter a guilty plea and you wish to state you didn’t commit the crime, you’ll enter a plea of Not Guilty.

You may also enter a neutral No Contest plea, which means that you don’t want to make a plea at the time. When you enter a Guilty plea during an arraignment, a court date is set to try your case.

Missing an Arraignment Hearing

If you fail to appear at your arraignment hearing, you’ll receive a failure to appear charge. This will result in the suspension of your driver’s license by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Additionally, you must submit paperwork to the DDS. This must occur within 28 days of your Failure to Appear Notice.

Failure to submit this documentation will immediately suspend your license.

Missing a court date can lead to several additional repercussions. If the judge decides to issue a bench warrant for your arrest, a law enforcement officer can take you to prison without delay. The bench warrant requires a fee if you want it removed.

When you remove the bench warrant, you’ll get a new mandatory court date. Failure to appear at the second court date will result in a Guilty charge. The judge is going to rule according to any evidence presented by the prosecutor.

Getting a Brookhaven DUI Lawyer to Assist You

A Brookhaven DUI matter is an extremely complicated matter that simply isn’t going to go away on its own. There are some serious repercussions for a DUI conviction. If you want the best representation and want to protect your legal rights, it’s crucial that you contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer the moment you’re arrested.

After contacting our office, you’ll get a complimentary consultation with Brookhaven DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan. This consultation will get you the information you need to put the DUI in context, and you’ll get a plan to help resolve the issue in the best way possible. You’ll get guidance and support throughout the legal process and the consultation can make an otherwise stressful situation more manageable.

Our legal team needs to be able to develop a strong defense strategy. This will require getting all of the records pertaining to your arrest in order. Our firm will work with you to get all of this information in order and obtain this data from the Brookhaven Police Department.

Our firm will use any video recordings as a part of your legal defense to use what would otherwise be an indictment of your guilt into evidence that your arrest wasn’t handled properly.

Our team looks at all of the evidence during the discovery process. This is a process that works to share evidence between the prosecution and defense. The report by the police officer should contain information about the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

We work to determine how well you were driving your vehicle before the arrest, and we’ll also go over any conversation that took place. If you were given a sobriety test, we will also study the results of the test to find any problems with the testing procedures.

Jim Yeargan ‘s law firm will also look at any incidence reports filed by the police officer and written notes about the encounter to uncover what really happened. You need a Brookhaven DUI lawyer who understands how your case works and who can represent you in the best possible light.

That Brookhaven DUI lawyer is Jim Yeargan, and his team will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best possible resolution.

A Plea Deal Could Apply to Your DUI Situation

In some cases, a defense attorney is allowed to set up a plea deal. This deal occurs after your lawyer has met with the prosecutor. Your lawyer and the prosecuting attorney will discuss the case, and the prosecuting attorney may be able to agree on a plea deal.

The prosecuting attorney might decide that the circumstances surrounding your case merit reduced prison time. The prosecutor will also consider your past history to see if you have convictions in the past. Most first-time DUI offenders are eligible for a plea bargain to reduce the penalties and consequences.

It’s important to realize that a plea bargain may require that you perform community service, and there may be a fee that you have to pay as well. An experienced DUI defense lawyer will do their best to get you the best plea bargain possible.

A plea bargain may be a better option for a prosecutor for several reasons. Every case costs money to prosecute. If your case isn’t particularly serious, the prosecutor may feel the time and expense to prosecute the case isn’t justified. If your lawyer knows this is what the prosecutor is attempting to do, then this can work to your advantage. A plea bargain can be used to reduce the penalties and get a better outcome than if you were to end up in a court trial.

Jim Yeargan has worked as a DUI prosecutor for several years. This has made him aware of the circumstances in which a prosecutor may wish to seek a plea bargain. He will work hard to help you obtain a reduced sentence, and our legal team has experience entering countless plea bargain deals for our DUI clients.

This type of experience and knowledge is simply invaluable when it comes time to win your case.

In some cases, a plea bargain is not possible. When a plea bargain can’t be reached, you will need to appear in court to stand trial. The trial may take place with a full jury, or it may occur only with a judge who intends to hear your case. The type of court appointment will determine where you have to go for your trial.

Qualifying for a Pretrial Diversion

In some instances, you may have a case that qualifies you for a pretrial diversion program. These programs are available for people who have been arrested for the first time on possession of marijuana, minor in possession of alcohol, or other charges.

The program makes it possible for you to get a clean background record. You’ll still need to accept any sentence handed down based on your charge, but keeping your background clean can help you recover more quickly from the charge.

If you are eligible to enter the Pretrial Diversion Program, the court may require you to pay a fine, subject yourself to intermittent alcohol and drug screenings, attend an alcohol treatment center and go on probation. If you meet these requirements, the charge put a permanent mark on your record. You also won’t have to go to jail or lose your license.

DUI Cases Are Not Only Criminal Cases

Most DUI cases are classified as administrative and criminal cases in Brookhaven. An administrative case will deal with the breathalyzer test that is administered by the State of Georgia. The state may suspend your license for a year if they find that your BAC is above 0.08 grams.

To avoid losing your driver’s license, you’ll need to file an appeal in an administrative court. A timely appeal must be filed within the first 30 days of your arrest. By filing this report in an acceptable time frame, you’ll increase the chance of being able to keep your driver’s license.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services handles driver’s license suspensions for the State of Georgia.

This hearing is important since the court will also determine whether the officer had a legal right to give you a BAC. The court will also determine whether the officer read you your rights. Any errors that may have occurred during the administration of the test will also be reviewed.

This is why it’s so important to contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer immediately following your arrest. It can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

A criminal DUI case is not the same as an administrative hearing, but it will have a major impact on your DUI case. Seeking our counsel will help ensure you get the right information to ensure you don’t have any negative consequences resulting from this hearing.

It’s important that you don’t risk your future by refusing to accept the serious ramifications that may occur as the direct result of your DUI court case, trial or hearing. When you rely on our law offices, we’ll give you outstanding representation to ensure proper legal representation.

Additional Important Considerations

There are many things that can occur that may mandate working with Jim Yeargan. When you’re arrested on a DUI charge, you’ll find that there are other issues that come into your life. Jim Yeargan will work with you to manage anything that comes at you, so you can have a greater degree of success in court.

Drivers Under the Age of 21 Years

Drinking alcoholic beverages is illegal if you aren’t yet 21 years old. The crime will intensify in severity if you’re driving intoxicated. In Brookhaven, a blood alcohol concentration of any higher than 0.02 percent will result in a special underage DUI charge.

This charge differs from a standard DUI charge in many ways. With this kind of charge, you lose the right to obtain a special driving permit. Being under the legal age limit can also create additional charges that can affect your life.

If you or someone you know is a minor who is charged with a DUI offense, Brookhaven DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan is available to help you. Contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer to find out how you can get a free consultation and find out what options may be available for your situation.

A minor who has a drunk driving charge is a serious matter, and it’s important to contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer to prevent this one-time incident from affecting your life negatively.

Understanding DUI Child Endangerment

Any child who is under the age of 14 is considered endangered if the child is in a vehicle with a drunk driver. The driver in these situations will have to face additional child endangerment charges. This type of offense will result in a complicated sentence that could result in the loss of custody, additional fees and a criminal record.

You absolutely need to contact our firm if you are facing a child endangerment charge. Contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer, and call the law office of Jim Yeargan to reduce the chance that your child isn’t taken away from you. This is a serious matter that requires an immediate response from our team.

Driving under the influence refers to both alcohol and drugs. If you’re found to be driving under the influence of narcotics, you could be arrested and convicted for a DUI. What you may not know is that your prescription drugs like painkillers can reduce your ability to drive safely.

Recreational drugs are also included in the DUI category. Read all the labels on your medicine to make certain there are no warnings on the pulls that can cause you to feel drowsy, sleepy or lethargic.

It’s also important to realize that driving while intoxicated with drugs is not the same thing as driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of the subtle differences between these two definitions, you’ll need to work with one of our lawyers to find out what options are available to you.

Working with one of our lawyers will help you deal with the often difficult situation that can result from driving while not using rational judgment.

Jim Yeargan is a Brookhaven DUI lawyer who knows what it takes to reduce your sentence and get you back to your life. He has the right qualifications to ensure you get treated properly, and to make certain you’re able to get the most out of your situation.

When your legal rights are in danger of being violated, he is your best option for getting proper representation to give you the best possible outcome. He is a Brookhaven DUI lawyer who will listen to you, and discuss the available legal options.

DUI Marijuana Offenses in Georgia

The State of Georgia and the City of Brookhaven, have particular rules in relation to drug use while driving. Some of these laws pertain specifically to marijuana usage. It’s possible to get a DUI just for possessing marijuana. As with drunk driving, the officer needs to have a valid reason for pulling you over in the first place. This can be a number of things, including unstable driving, failure to pass a checkpoint or driving out of your lane.

The officer has the right to stop your vehicle if there is any suspicion you’re driving while under the influence of marijuana. The officer can simply smell marijuana in your vehicle or they can see it in your vehicle. They can’t pull you over without cause and ask to look inside your glove box.

It doesn’t take much marijuana to receive a DUI charge that can cause you to lose your driver’s license for a year. You only need to have one ounce of marijuana in your vehicle. If you own more than an ounce, you can lose your driving license for as long as six months.

You don’t even have to own a vehicle for this to occur. Your license can be taken away from you just for carrying marijuana on your person.

A DUI charge that is related to marijuana intoxication or possession is a very serious situation. You need a lawyer. Your entire life can be turned upside and devastated if you don’t take this situation seriously.

If you or someone you know is charged with possession or intoxication, do you or your friend a favor and get in to see Jim Yeargan. Talk about your situation with a gifted team of lawyers who really care about what happens to you.

Vehicular Homicide in Georgia

It doesn’t get much more serious than vehicular homicide in Georgia. Of all the “unintentional” crimes a person can commit, this is by far one of the most serious offenses. Not only are you dealing with the emotional trauma of taking another person’s life, but you’re also going to have to deal with a relentless judicial system.

You may not feel like you deserve it right now, but you have to hire the help of an attorney to help you in court. You owe it to your family, friends, and others in your life who depend on you.

If you’ve caused another individual’s death, you will have to undergo a blood alcohol content test. If the police officer learns that you were driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, you’re looking at felony charges. These felony charges will fall under the Vehicular Homicide category.

When your life is turned upside down due to serious complications from a DUI or vehicular homicide charge, you must get in contact with our firm. Yesterday is not soon enough. You need to take action and get the representative you need immediately. Do not wait on this, you need advice and counsel immediately.

You have legal rights, and they deserve to be protected. Contact a Brookhaven DUI lawyer, and we can help you sort through the situation and protect your future. A DUI can be embedded permanently in your record, and this can dramatically affect your ability to succeed in life and make a difference in your community.

Our team will help you get the chance to live a productive life and make a difference.

Working With Our Outstanding Legal Team at Yeargan & Kert, LLC

Our team has all the qualifications that are needed to represent you at your hearing and protect your rights in court. We are able to assist you in all manner of DUI offenses, and we’re a large enough firm that we won’t be overwhelmed by any case. Call Yeargan & Kert, LLC. Do it now.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, until you’ve had a glass of water or after you’ve heard what the police officer or insurance company has to say about your case. There is no risk to call us, and when you call us, we can help you find out what your options are. Get the legal assistance you need from the very beginning and you’ll be able to get the legal assistance you need to protect your future and win your case.

You owe it to yourself to take this seriously, and we can help you move on with your life and take the next step toward a beneficial outcome.

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