Fulton County, GA DUI Lawyers

Fulton County, GA DUI Lawyers

Every year, hundreds of drivers are pulled over and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A Fulton County DUI can cause serious damage to one’s reputation and may cost them their driver’s license, high fees, and leave a life-long black mark on their record. If you are facing a Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan is here to help.

With almost twenty-years of experience helping those who are facing DUI charges, Mr. Yeargan is prepared to take on your case and provide you with defense you need to be victorious in the courtroom. If you’ve been accused of a DUI in Fulton County, your search for a Fulton County DUI lawyer is over as Mr. Yeargan is anxious to talk to you and start working on your case.

An Experienced Fulton County DUI Lawyer is Essential to Your Case

Without a dependable lawyer, a DUI case can become a quick disaster with no possibility of winning in court. After being accused of driving under the influence in Fulton County, the first step to putting it behind you is to contact a trusted lawyer who understands Fulton County DUI law.

The office staff of Fulton County DUI Lawyer Jim Yeargan is prepared to offer you with immediate legal counsel and support, so we can help you get past your DUI with as little pain as possible. Since we are always anxious to lend a helping hand, our team is always prepared to address your needs.

Whether you need DUI support at midnight or five in the afternoon, our staff is ready to help with round-the-clock services seven days a week.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

All lawyers are not created equal; that’s why it’s important to find a Fulton County DUI lawyer that understands and is experienced with Fulton County DUI laws. While some small legal matters can be addressed by any lawyer, a DUI comes with serious consequences and should be treated with the utmost respect and concern.

Depending on the case, a DUI can leave driver without a license in addition to facing penalties, fines, and jail time. Some people convicted of DUI may discover that it impacts their ability to find and maintain a job, and can even result in the loss of child custody.

Since a DUI has the power to negatively impact your life, it’s vital that you choose a Fulton County DUI lawyer who is knowledgeable, experienced, and prepared to represent your case in court.

Have a Former Prosecuting Attorney on Your Team

As someone who used to work as a prosecuting DUI attorney, Jim Yeargan knows how DUI’s work from both sides of the field. Before he began taking on DUI cases, Mr. Yeargan worked in the same courts to convict drivers of this crime. As someone who has experience working on both sides of the case, he knows exactly how the legal system works.

There are no surprises for Mr. Yeargan because he understands the strategy behind both sides of Fulton County DUI law. After years of working alongside prosecutors and judges, Mr. Yeargan has ties to those who are in charge of DUI cases, and will work alongside them to provide you with the most favorable outcome available.

Contact Us Immediately to Keep Your License

When you are charged with a DUI offense, Fulton County DUI law makes it possible for you to keep your license with a 30-day warning. It is important to contact the law offices of Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan as soon as you are charged with a DUI so that we can begin to file the paperwork necessary to guarantee your license remains effective.

Our team knows how to properly fill out and file an administrative license suspension or ALS letter, and will begin working on it as soon as you contact our offices. Regardless of the time or day, our team is prepared to help you 24/7 and will work to set up an appointment as soon as you call so we can begin helping you immediately.

A Fulton County DUI Has Consequences

All bad choices come with some consequence, and a Fulton County DUI is no exception to that rule. Not only can a DUI result in the temporary removal of your license, but can have a serious negative impact on your future. A DUI can often result in heavy fines and fees, and may require hours of classes to regain a license.

In some cases DUI convictions result in a prison sentence, and these charges can impact one’s driving record. Those who have been charged with a DUI may see an increase in insurance rates and even find their job potential diminishing. The long-term effects of a DUI can be life-changing and destroy one’s sense of well-being and emotional security. A DUI is no little matter to be shrugged off; instead, it is a serious charge that should be battled before it gets out of hand.

You Are Not Alone

Being arrested for a DUI is not uncommon in Fulton County. Rather than becoming depressed about your situation and overwhelmed by the legal implications, it’s important that you step out and take action. Thanks to the legal services offered by Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan, you are not alone; we are here to help you on the path to recovering your good name and avoiding unnecessary costs and consequences.

With almost two decades of experience defending those who are caught up in DUI cases, Mr. Yeargan has the background necessary to make sure you are properly represented in court and given the greatest opportunity to achieve success.

Fulton County DUI Lawyer Jim Yeargan Has a Strong Reputation

When you hire someone to represent you in court, you are putting your future and well-being in their hands. Before you team up with an attorney, it is important to understand their reputation and their past success. Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan is proud to have represented over 4,600 people caught up in Georgia DUI cases over his twenty-years in practice.

Mr. Yeargan has a steady reputation for his success and his efforts to defend those who are facing DUI charges and is the recipient of positive reviews on websites such as AVVO and Yelp. To best serve those who need his help, the law offices of Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan are open around the clock, making it possible to contact him for help on weekends, evenings, and holidays.

Since it’s important to start working on DUI cases immediately, Mr. Yeargan ’s unique business hours make it possible to reach out for help as soon as a DUI occurs. The law offices of Jim Yeargan will help those charged with a DUI to understand their options and how to best defend themselves.

If You Have Been Arrested for DUI in Fulton County, You Have Options

When someone is arrested for a DUI, they generally feel that the battle is already lost; however, this is far from true. Fulton County DUI law still leaves room for options rather than pleading guilty and accepting whatever punishment comes with the charge. Even if you were driving under the influence, you still have rights and the ability to make choices.

A well-trained and experienced lawyer like Jim Yeargan knows what possibilities are available in your specific case and the legal rights you can employ. Some of the rights that are used to help in DUI cases include challenging the details and protocol involving your arrest, the reason you were arrested, and any evidence that was gathered.

By taking advantage of these rights, your future does not have to be burdened by the long-standing consequences of a DUI; however, you should not try to take action alone. At the law offices of Mr. Yeargan, your unique case will be carefully examined, guaranteeing that all your legal rights are protected while a defense plan is developed.

Team Up with a Trusted Fulton County DUI Lawyer

There are many things you need to do alone in life; however, trying to get through a DUI is not one of them! When you’re facing a court appearance, you need to team up with a trusted attorney who will protect your rights and give you the best outcome possible.

Jim Yeargan is an experienced Fulton County DUI lawyer who understands Fulton County DUI laws and how they affect individuals.

DUI and Roadblocks

Many people are arrested for DUI during roadblocks. While it is perfectly acceptable for officers to conduct roadblocks, there are certain aspects that may play in your favor. For roadblocks to be legal in Georgia, the public must be notified about the roadblock in advance and vehicles must be randomly checked rather than specific drivers targeted. T

here are also other legal regulations for roadblocks that must be observed. If officers fail to comply with all roadblock laws, your rights may have been violated during the DUI arrest. The offices of Jim Yeargan can help you understand any part of the roadblock that was illegally conducted by carefully observing the situation. In some cases, your entire case may be dismissed because roadblock rules were not observed.

Police Officers are Not Above the Law in DUI Charges

When a Fulton County police officer is concerned that someone is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are legally compelled to pull you over and investigate your driving ability. This does not make it excusable for an officer to pull you over for without a good reason. Before an officer pulls you over, you need to exhibit symptoms such as running a red light, weaving, or unsteady driving.

If the officer does not write out a report explaining why you were pulled over, your DUI case may be completely dismissed.

After you have been pulled over, the officer can assess you for noticeable signs of intoxication such as the smell of alcohol on your breath or slurred speech. If the officer observes that any of these signs, he can choose to test your sobriety or require you to take a blood alcohol concentration test.

If you are unable to pass these tests, the officer has the legal option to arrest you on a DUI charge.

Before you are placed in jail, you will be given one phone call. While most people use this call to contact a friend or family member, we suggest that you use this opportunity to contact the law office of Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan so that our team can start working on your case immediately.

How a Field Sobriety Test Works

Fulton County DUI law makes it possible for a police officer to give field sobriety tests if they see noticeable signs of intoxication or drug use after stopping your vehicle. One of the most common methods used to test one for DUI is field sobriety tests. It’s important to have a good understanding of the tests so that, if you ever find yourself in a position where you’ve been pulled over for DUI, you will know what to expect.

Field sobriety tests are designed to determine one’s motor control and balance, which are generally impaired when a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been using illegal drugs or drinking prior to driving your vehicle, it will be obvious when you are unable to pass the field sobriety test.

If you fail the test, it is not a total declaration of guilt; instead, it is simply more evidence that will work to prove you guilty of driving DUI.

When an officer is about to conduct a field sobriety test, he or she will generally ask the driver to get out of their vehicle and walk a straight line. While walking the line, sober drivers are expected to keep their entire bodies balanced. In many cases, the driver maybe asked to touch the heel of one foot to the toe of the other foot as they walk.

Walking a straight line is often shown on movies and television shows; however, the field sobriety test can involve more than just walking. Sometimes, drivers will be asked to recite the alphabet correctly, touch their nose with their finger, or follow an officer’s moving finger with their eyes.

When someone is pulled over for suspicion of DUI, the field sobriety test is generally the first thing used to see if they are intoxicated. If the driver fails this test, they are not immediately found guilty of DUI, but the officer will move forward with other tests. The officer will then ask the driver to submit to a portable breath test (PBT).

In today’s world of advanced technology, the majority of police cars in Fulton County are equipped with built-in camera systems that will record the entire scene surrounding an officer’s DUI investigation and testing.

Never try to change the details about your field sobriety test and how it was conducted because these on-dash cameras will tell the true story. Fulton County DUI law makes it possible for this video surveillance to be used in the courtroom to prove the results of the field test.

While field sobriety tests can be used as evidence of DUI, failing one does not mean that someone is guilty. These tests cannot take into account all of the driver’s circumstances and may be inaccurate.

With almost twenty-years of experience defending those facing DUI charges, Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan and his team understand the weak side of field sobriety tests. We understand the way this test need to be view for a correct interpretation and the proper way of administration.

Use the police dash-camera, we will review the field sobriety test and careful examine it for any failures or misrepresentations. With the use of this film, we will determine if the test was performed correctly, if the results were accurate, and if any of your legal rights were breached.

Once we have made these observations, we will work with you to develop a legal plan that will provide justice and prevent any unnecessary DUI convictions.

Breath and Blood Tests Explained

While field sobriety tests are generally the first tests administered after someone is pulled over for a DUI, they are generally followed by a chemical test that works by testing one’s breath or blood. These tests are the most accurate and work to determine the amount of alcohol in one’s body by measuring the levels in their blood or breath.

When someone faces a DUI charge, it is usually a blood alcohol concentration test or BAC that convicts them of the crime in court. Fulton County DUI law states that a driver over the age of twenty-one is driving under the influence if the level of alcohol in their blood is higher than 0.08%.

If someone under twenty-one is suspected of DUI, a BAC with results of 0.02% or higher proves they are legally intoxicated.

After being pulled over for DUI suspicion, one is not legally obligated to take the BAC test. However, due to an implied consent law, taking the test is expected and refusal to do so will result in the loss of one’s license.

Multiple DUI Charges

A DUI is a serious offense since driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can result in serious car crash and fatalities. As such, officers in Fulton County are always on the look-out for those who maybe driving DUI and carefully watch for any evidence that should lead to further tests.

The consequences of DUI are harsh and, even if someone has a clean driving history, one DUI can still cause serious penalties. Fulton County DUI law makes DUI cases a top priority and, as such, will not go light on someone just because it is their first offense.

What to Expect Following a First DUI

After being convicted of a DUI, the state of Georgia wants to make it so unpleasant that driving under the influence will no longer be a temptation. When someone is convicted of their first DUI, they can expect to pay fines as high as $1,000 and even spend up to a year in prison.

A driver’s license can be suspended following a first DUI for anywhere up to twelve months, and the driver will be expected to perform both a set number of hours doing community service work and take driver’s education classes. If you are facing your first DUI, all the consequences of your crime can seem overwhelming and it can be tempting to simply ignore the entire situation as long as possible; however, avoidance is not the key.

What to Expect Following a Second DUI

Since a first DUI is punished with severe consequences, those facing their second DUI can expect the penalties to be even worse that what they experienced initially. When someone is charged with their second DUI in Fulton County, they should expect even more time in prison, greater fines, and more hours of community services.

What may be the hardest punishment to face is the removal of a license and revoked driving privileges for as much as three years. Depending on the case, some DUI drivers might be required to install a special device on their ignitions after they are free to begin driving again.

Getting past one DUI can seem challenging; when you find yourself facing a second charge and even harsher punishments, it is crushing. However, there is hope! When you choose to contact Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan, you can start on the path toward discovering your freedom.

After You are Arrested for DUI

Following a DUI arrest, you will be issued a bond or citation. These will tell you the date of your arraignment. The arraignment is a special appearance before a judge where you will find out details about your legal rights and your plea options. When you appear for the arraignment, the judge will want to know if you are planning to hire a lawyer to defend you in court.

When you stand before the judge, you have the option to make a Guilty plea. The Guilty plea means that you accept guilt and all responsibility for your crime; after entering a Guilty plea, a date for your trial will be assigned. If you do not want to say that you are guilty for DUI, you can also enter a No Contest or Nolo Contendre plea. The No Contest plea means that you are claiming a neutral stance about your guilt or innocence.

Sometimes, people choose to avoid their arraignment or hearing by simply not showing up. While this may relieve immediate stress, it is a very bad decision! Choosing not to attend your court dates will result in a Failure to Appear charge. In some cases, this charge maybe able to suspend your license.

If you receive a Failure to Appear notice and do not submit the required documents to the Georgia Department of Driver Services within 28 days, you will immediately lose your license with no additional chances of saving your driving privileges. Not only can missing court dates lead to the loss of a license, but the judge may choose to issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

A bench warrant means that an officer may take you to prison whenever they have a chance, even if you have not broken any additional laws.

If you find yourself with a bench warrant, the only way to get out of it is to pay a fee. After paying the fee, you will receive another court date. At this point, it is extremely important to make it to your court appearance!

If you do not attend this court date, the judge will automatically give you a Guilty charge for your DUI because there is no evidence to support your innocence.

A Fulton County DUI Lawyer Can Help

Obviously, a DUI is no small matter; instead, it is a serious crime that involves a broad range of legal aspects and carries harsh consequences. If you are arrested for a DUI, the only way to protect your legal rights is to contact our Fulton County DUI law office as soon as possible.

When you contact our offices, we will give you the support you need to calm your stressed emotions while providing you with the information and direction necessary for you to make sound decisions. You will then receive a free consultation with Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan, giving you the opportunity to get a good understanding of your situation and how he can help you receive as few consequences as possible.

Once we take on your case, one of our attorneys will immediately begin developing a defense plan so that you can find some measure of victory in court. The first step in this process is to obtain the legal records about your DUI arrest. One of our lawyers will collect this data from the Fulton County Police Department and carefully examine all the details.

This information includes video footage and the officer’s notes about the arrest.

Mr. Yeargan or one of our other Fulton County DUI lawyers will examine the video footage and note your driving skills prior to the arrest, the conversation that occurred between you and the officer, and both the implementation and results of the field sobriety test.

After viewing the recordings, the lawyer will examine the arrest records written by the police. These can be studied for inconsistencies and to get an understanding of what truly happened following up to the arrest.

The time frame for looking over these records is called the discovery process. When the discovery process is being conducted, one of our DUI lawyers will be legally allowed to observe all records and data that the prosecutor has collected.

After spending time studying all the information involving the arrest, Mr. Yeargan and his team will note whether all the proper procedures were observed by the arresting officer and whether or not your legal rights were upheld. If any of the evidence is faulty, it may not be used to sway the court.

Mr. Yeargan has a well-rounded comprehension of all court proceedings involving DUI cases and can help you understand how the judge will view the evidence and how it will change your ruling.

Plea Deals and DUI Cases

With the help of an experienced Fulton County DUI lawyer, it may be possible for you to arrange a plea deal. A plea deal calls you to admit guilt, but can also limit the punishment for your crime. Plea deals can be entered after your lawyer and prosecuting attorney meet; together they will work out the arrangements of the bargain.

Considering the details of your particular case, a good lawyer can work to have any prison time reduced. Generally speaking, if this is your first DUI, a plea deal is likely to be accepted by the prosecutor.

While plea bargains are a wonderful alternative, they do not do away with all consequences of the DUI. Usually you will still be required to pay fees and perform community service time; however, a professional lawyer will work with the prosecuting attorney to make the punishment as minimal as possible.

If you have no previous offenses on your record, your lawyer may be able to convince the prosecuting attorney that your case does not deserve the usual costs associated with a court trial, and that a plea deal is more reasonable.

A plea deal will help to keep you from experiencing serious problems in the future and will help to put the mistake behind you with as little pain as possible.

After spending several years as a prosecutor in DUI cases, attorney Jim Yeargan understands what it takes to convince a prosecutor to agree to a plea bargain. With Mr. Yeargan ’s help, you can receive a reduced sentence and fewer consequences for your crime.

With years of experience helping those who are charged with DUI, our team of lawyers has already assisted countless people as they enter plea deals, thus helping them avoid unnecessary punishment.

In some cases, lawyers are unable to agree on a plea bargain. When this happens, you will be required to appear in court for a DUI trial. Depending on the circumstances, your trial maybe conducted with only a judge or a full jury.

Pretrial Diversion Program

The pretrial diversion program may reduce the problems associated with a stained record. While you will still have to face consequences for your crime, this program makes it possible for those charged with certain offenses like possession of marijuana less than an ounce, minor in possession of alcohol, and other crimes to clean their background record. It must be noted that individuals charged with DUI may not participate in a diversion program to have their DUI charges dismissed.

If you qualify for the pretrial diversion program, you should be prepared for some additional fines and regulations. First, you will have to pay a fine of $200. You will also willingly agree to have intermittent alcohol and drug testing, have six months probation, and attend a treatment center for alcohol abuse.

After completing all of these requirements, the DUI charge will not be a part of your record and may even reduce your sentence. In some cases, the Pretrial Diversion program may totally reduce prison sentences and loss of driving privileges.

DUI: Both a Criminal and Administrative Case

When you are charged with a DUI, you are facing more than just a criminal case; instead, a DUI is also considered an administrative case due to the Breathalyzer test which was conducted prior to your arrest. If your Breathalyzer test revealed results of alcohol concentration levels higher than 0.08 grams, then the state of Georgia is able to take your license on a suspension.

If you received results of alcohol concentration levels higher than 0.08 grams, it’s important to take action so that your driver’s license won’t be suspended. To prevent losing your ability to drive, you must file an appeal in the administrative court. This is a time-sensitive matter and must be filed within ten days following your DUI arrest.

When your appeal is filed, you will then have to go to an administrative hearing that will determine whether or not you will lose your license.

Since the fate of your license depends on this hearing, it is very important that you attend. At the hearing, it will be determined if a BAC was legally necessary, if it was properly administrated, and if your rights were read by an officer during your arrest.

While this hearing is separate from your criminal case, it will still have a strong bearing on the results of it as well.

Each part of a DUI case is important and regulations need to be carefully followed. To receive the best results, you need to team up with a Fulton County DUI lawyer such as Jim Yeargan . Mr. Yeargan and his team will help you understand all that is expected of you and how to reduce the punishment for your DUI.

Additional Information About DUI

When you are charged with a DUI, you may find multiple areas of your life affected by your crime. Rather than spending the rest of your life trying to recover from your mistake, let a skilled Fulton County DUI lawyer help you each step of the way.

Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan understands the problems faced during each step of the DUI process and will help you to achieve as much success as possible in the courtroom.

Underage DUI

In Georgia, the legal age to drink alcohol is twenty-one-years-old. It is a crime to drink any alcohol if you are underage. If you are caught driving under the influence when you are underage, the crime is worse. Anyone under the age of twenty-one who is driving with a blood alcohol content higher than .02% will be charged with a special underage DUI which is different from the charges for adults.

An underage DUI means that you will not be able to receive a special driving permit and may involve additional charges because you were not legally allowed to drink at all, even if you were not driving.

At the law offices of Jim Yeargan, underage drinking is a common problem that he and his team understand. Minors who are charged with DUI often feel alone and that they have ruined their entire future.

Mr. Yeargan will step up to support minors during this trying time, providing them with the tools they need to guarantee a bright future and minimal punishment.

DUI and Child Endangerment

The seriousness of a DUI intensifies if you are caught while a child under the age of 14 is also in the vehicle. When a child is present, the charge is not only DUI, but also child endangerment.

A child endangerment charge includes additional sentences that go beyond the regular DUI punishment and may include a loss of child custody, an endangerment charge on one’s record, and extra fees.

To make sure that you don’t lose custody of your children following a DUI, it is important that you contact our office as soon as possible.

Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan and his team of professional Fulton County DUI lawyers can immediately start working to decrease the risk of these serious and life-changing charges.

DUI: Both Alcohol and Drugs

While most people think of a DUI as meaning that someone was arrested for drinking and driving, Fulton County DUI laws include both alcohol and drugs. You can get arrested for a DUI if you are pulled over for driving under the influence of any type of narcotics, including medications that have been prescribed by a doctor.

That is correct: Even if you are taking your medicine legally, it can result in a DUI if it alters your perception or driving skills. How do you know if a prescription will influence your driving ability? It’s always important that you read all the side effects of your medication as many drugs make people feel sleepy or drowsy and can result in impaired driving skills.

While driving under the influence of drugs is the same as a DUI, it has a different definition and may involve different consequences. As such, it’s important to hire a Fulton County DUI lawyer who understands every side of the situation and how to best approach defending your case.

Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI after recreational drug use or simply following doctor prescribed medication, you can get in contact with one of our lawyers to discover the best outcome for your case.

As someone who specializes in DUI cases, Jim Yeargan has a vast knowledge of DUI drug arrests and can help you best understand your options. With Mr. Yeargan ’s years of experience and understanding of the law, when you choose to let him help you, you can rest assured that your legal rights are protected and Mr. Yeargan will fight for your best interests.

To find out how Mr. Yeargan can help you through your DUI drug case, contact a Fulton County DUI lawyer today and set up a free consultation.

Driving and Possessing Marijuana in Georgia

DUI drug charges don’t end with narcotics since they can also involve the use of marijuana while driving. These charges won’t only include a DUI but also an arrest for marijuana possession.

An officer can choose to pull you over if they have a valid reason to doubt your driving ability. Once you have been stopped, if the officer sees or smells marijuana within your vehicle, they is legally able to charge you with a DUI.

If you have more than one ounce of marijuana in your possession you can lose your driver’s license for one year.

While many people think that marijuana use is not a big deal, it comes with huge consequences. Going without a license for six months to one year can result in loss of work and a strain on one’s quality of life. If you have been caught with marijuana, don’t think that you will get off easy; instead, contact the offices of Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan and let his team start working for you!

Being in an accident that costs the life of another person is a tragedy that not only leaves the driver feeling guilty but can result in serious Vehicular Homicide charges.

If you are the driver in an accident that resulted in lost life, you will be given a blood alcohol test to see if you were driving under the influence. If you were using alcohol or drugs prior to driving, you will face serious felony charges. These charges are in the Vehicular Homicide category and can completely change the course of your life.

If you have been charged with Vehicular Homicide, then you need a Fulton County DUI lawyer on your side. The office staff of Jim Yeargan understands what you are facing and are able to deal with this tragic situation. We strive to make sure that your legal rights are fully protected and that your side of the accident is presented in the courtroom.

Let Our Team of Fulton County DUI Lawyers Help You

No matter what the severity of the crime, a DUI is never pleasant and is certain to be a huge legal battle. Don’t try to tackle this problem without the best defense team on your side. The offices of Fulton County DUI lawyer Jim Yeargan understand what you are facing and will develop the best strategy to protect your rights and minimize your punishment.

Since our offices are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we are prepared to assist you whenever the need arises. Don’t wait to call; instead, contact us today and start preparing to win your DUI case.

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