DUI Accidents and Driving Too Fast for Conditions

A Gainesville teen recently died while three other individuals are in critical condition following a collision with a motorist who was operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs. A motorist was driving north on Georgia 60 when the motorist crossed the centerline and collided with an automobile carrying a woman and three teens. Law enforcement reported that the driver was driving too fast for conditions.

Law enforcement determined that the motorist who crossed the centerline was under the influence of drugs, but will not know which drugs until a chemical test is performed. The driver will be transported to local jail upon release from a medical facility. The driver will also be charged with first-degree vehicular homicide among other traffic and criminal charges.

Applicable Georgia Law

Georgia law makes it illegal for an individual to drive a motor vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable under the conditions. Every individual is required to drive at a reasonable and prudent speed when traveling on the road, crossing an intersection, executing a curve in the road, or when special hazards exist that might make circumstances difficult for a motor vehicle driver to navigate the road.

With this law taken into consideration, a charge of driving too fast for conditions is frequently raised when a motor vehicle driver has operated a car in such a way as to make the vehicle too dangerous for roadside conditions.

Hazardous roadside conditions can include significant traffic, adverse weather conditions, or issues of impaired visibility. Georgia law enforcement may also initiate driving too fast for conditions circumstances when a motor vehicle driver did not decrease a motor vehicle’s speed while the vehicle was approaching an intersection.

Specific Examples of Situations Involving Driving Too Fast for Conditions Charges

Some of the most common elements involved in driving too fast for conditions charges include:

  • Construction zones,
  • Flooding,
  • Fog,
  • Ice,
  • Loose pavement,
  • Rain,
  • Reduced visibility,
  • Rush hour traffic,
  • School zones,
  • Snow,
  • Uneven or wet roads.

When any of these conditions exist, a motor vehicle driver might be placed at the risk of being unable to sufficiently respond to situations that can arise suddenly. Although there is a risk of motor vehicle accidents occurring with any of these elements, a motor vehicle driver is going too fast will have even less time in which to safely respond to these elements.

Driving Too Fast for Conditions Charges and DUIs

Driving too fast for conditions charges can be the basis upon which law enforcement establishes a driving under the influence charge. After pulling over a motor vehicle driver for driving too fast for conditions, an officer can begin to investigate whether driving under the influence charge may be brought, as well.

Retain the services of an Experienced Accident Attorney

If you have been accused of driving too fast for conditions in relation to driving under the influence charge, consider retaining the services of a skilled accident attorney at Yeargan , Barber & Kert who will fight tirelessly to make sure that your case reaches a positive resolution.

A speeding ticket lawyer will be able to help you decide on the best way to respond to such a claim and our team is also able to help clients decide on how to fight a speeding ticket.