DUIs and Impeding Traffic in Georgia

A Sandy Springs motor vehicle driver was recently arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Alpharetta. The driver’s 9-year-old daughter was in the vehicle at the time. The driver failed to turn on a green light on Westside Parkway. Unfortunately, an Alpharetta law enforcement officer behind the motorist at the green light and watched the motorist pull in front of traffic which almost caused a collision. When a law enforcement pulled the motorist over, the motorist smelled like alcohol and even had bloodshot eyes. When asked whether he had been drinking, the motorist respond that he had only one beer to drink. The motor vehicle driver later failed a field sobriety test. After being placed under arrest, the motor vehicle driver called a family member to pick up the 9-year-old while the car was impounded. The motor vehicle driver was later booked into jail on charges of endangering the life of a child, driving under the influence, impeding traffic, and failure to change the address on the individual’s driver’s license. Eventually, the motor vehicle driver was released on a $4,000 bond.

This article will discuss the fact that Georgia law enforcement officers give a number of Georgia motorists each year citations for driving too slowly in the left lane of Georgia roads and impeding traffic. Surprisingly a large number of drivers in the state of Georgia are determined to be texting while driving or in the possession of marijuana. A number of impeding traffic charges are also initiated against motorists who have attempted to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Relevant Georgia Law

Law in the state of Georgia prohibits a motor vehicle driver from operating a vehicle at such a slow speed that the vehicle interferes with the reasonable flow of traffic. The rationale behind this Georgia law is that motorists who drive too slowly can be significantly dangerous for other motorists on the road by frustrating drivers. Extremely slow drivers also cause other motor vehicle drivers to weave among traffic in an effort to pass the slower driver. Many motor vehicle drivers in Georgia are uncertain how common accidents are due to motor vehicles that are following too closely, which is likely to happen when drivers are traveling too slow. The implication of this law is that the left lane on multiple lane roads is designed to be for passing motor vehicles only.

Exceptions to Georgia Law about Impeding Traffic

There are several exceptions to Georgia law about impeding the flow of traffic, which include the following:

  • When traffic conditions make it necessary to drive in the passing lane,
  • When adverse weather conditions or roadside hazards make it necessary for drivers to travel in the passing lane,
  • When compliance with a Georgia law or traffic control device makes it necessary to drive in the passing lane,
  • When a vehicle must be driven in the passing lane in order to exit the road or perform a left turn,
  • When necessary to pay a toll on the highway.

The Consequences of Impeding Traffic

Violating applicable concerning impeding traffic are classified as misdemeanors. These misdemeanors results in maximum fines of $1,000 and three points being placed on an individual’s driver’s license.

Obtain the Services of a Skilled DUI Attorney

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