Georgia Concludes 24th Anti DUI Campaign

It is imperative that Georgia motorists refrain from engaging in drunk driving practices. Georgia has recently conducted an annual program which is designed to provide added measures in enforcing driving under the influence regulation. This program, “Hands Across the Border,” marks the 24th annual multi-state effort to combat drunk driving including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  

Running for a week between August 29 to September 2, “Hands Across the Border” is dedicated towards decreasing the number of Labor day weekend deaths due to DUI, which reached a record high in 2015. There are some important things to understand about how “Hands Across the Border” is implemented in Georgia and its neighboring states.

The History Of “Hands Across Border”

The “Hands Across the Border” campaign began in 1991 as a collaboration between the Georgia State Patrol and Florida Highway Patrol. Also a bit of contest, “Hands Across the Border” was a challenge between Georgia and Florida law enforcement to see which state could have the greatest possible reduction in DUI accidents.

Before long, the program expanded to include all five states that border Georgia: Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The program has been a substantial success in eliminating the number of DUI accidents and saving the lives of countless motorists.

The Zero Enforcement Policy Of “Hands Across The Border”

During the campaign, Georgia law enforcement offices have zero tolerance for impaired drivers who operate motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Impaired motor vehicle operators are subsequently taken to jail during the duration of the campaign.

Georgia law enforcement will also be holding road checks at the Georgia state line while law enforcement from adjacent states will be holding similar checkpoints across the Georgia border. These road checks will occur along the Georgia state line in Augusta, Blakely, Columbus, Fort Oglrethorpe, McCaysville, Savannah, and Valdost-Lake Park.

 It is also worth noting that the goals of “Hands Across The Border” extend beyond enforcement of DUI regulations. State and local enforcement will also be on the lookout for motor vehicle drivers who are not wearing seat belts buckled, lack valid driver’s licenses, use improper child safety seats, and perform other safety violations.

The Dangers of Fatalities Due To DUIs In Georgia

The rate of fatalities due to DUI accidents in Georgia is reaching a catastrophic rate. It is estimated that one out of every four fatalities in the state of Georgia can be attributed to drunk driving. During the last labor Day holiday weekend in Georgia, the state saw twenty three fatalities which marked an increase from the state’s rate during 2014.

Although this year’s “Hands Across The Border” will conclude at the Georgia Welcome Center on Interstate 95 in Kingsland, the effects of this campaign are felt throughout the year and help law enforcement plan and gain motivation to provide extra attention to enforcing DUI regulations during Thanksgiving and winter holidays.

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