Georgia DUI School

People arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), possession of marijuana, and other charges will most likely have to attend risk reduction school also known as DUI School.

How Long Is Georgia DUI School?

Georgia DUI School is either a 20 or 24-hour class depending on how you score on your assessment. Most individuals charged with their first DUI will only have to attend the 20-hour program. Regardless of which class you have to take most Georgia DUI Schools are all day Saturday and Sunday, and then either Friday evening from 6 PM to 9 PM, or Monday evening from 6 PM to 9 PM.

All schools are different and have different schedules. Some schools have a shorter class every night of the week, while others can squeeze everything into just 2 days.

What Is The Georgia DUI School Assessment?

Before beginning Georgia DUI School you must take an assessment which is a short test. The questions ask about your drug and alcohol use, views on alcohol and drug use, and family history. Your score will dictate whether you take the 20-hour class or the 24-hour class. The assessment is extremely similar to a drug and alcohol evaluation, but technically they are different.

Is The Georgia DUI School Curriculum The Same?

Yes. Since the Georgia DUI Schools are regulated by the State of Georgia all of the curricula are exactly the same regardless of which Georgia DUI School you attend.

Is The Price Of Georgia DUI School The Same?

Yes. Again, because the Georgia DUI Schools are regulated by the State of Georgia the price is the same regardless of the Atlanta DUI School you attend.

I Was Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana. Why Do I Have Attend Georgia DUI School?

If you plead Nolo, or no contest, to Possession of Marijuana you must submit proof of completing Georgia DUI School to the State of Georgia Department of Driver Services within 120 days of your plea or your driver’s license will be suspended. Completing Georgia DUI School is required by the State of Georgia to avoid the license suspension.

Further, if your driver’s license was suspended due to a drug conviction you must complete Georgia DUI School to reinstate your driver’s license.

Also, Georgia DUI School has several components focused on drug use and is not solely dedicated to alcohol use.

To learn more about the Department of Driver Services in Georgia visit their web site.

To learn more about reinstating your driver’s license after a drug conviction please visit here or here.

For a list of reinstatement fees please visit here.

For general information on driver’s license suspension please visit here.

My DUI Charge was Reduced to Reckless Driving. Why Do I Have To Attend Georgia DUI School?

Even though you are not being convicted of DUI most judges will require you to attend Georgia DUI School. Even though drinking and driving were not involved to the extent to warrant a DUI conviction drinking and driving is still believed to have occurred. Judges will sentence you to Georgia DUI School so you may receive education on the topic.

I Live Outside Of Georgia. Do I Have To Attend A Georgia DUI School?

No. Georgia has reciprocity with most states and will accept out of state DUI School certificates as long as the school you attend is certified by your home state.

To find a list of states whose DUI School certificate Georgia DDS will accept go here.

May I Attend Georgia DUI School Online?

No. You must attend an in-person Georgia DUI School.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know about Georgia DUI School?

Yes. Make sure you are not late for your class. They lock the door, and will not let you in for any reason. Georgia tests schools by sending spies to schools to see if they will let them in late.

If they do the school will lose its state certification. If you are late to Georgia DUI School you have to start all over. Also, it will be the most boring weekend of your life.