Georgia Super Speeder Penalty

Most drivers in Georgia are not aware of the Georgia Super Speeder Law. If you are convicted of speeding 75 mph, or more, on a 2 lane road, or 85 mph, or higher, on a 4 lane highway you will receive an additional $200 fine from the State of Georgia. This fine is in addition to the fine for the speeding ticket.

¬†Georgia Super Speeder Penalty Will Suspend Your Driver’s License If You Don’t Pay

Failure to pay the $200 Georgia Super Speeder penalty will result in the suspension of your driver’s license. This is a common problem for citizens who have moved, and DDS does not have a current address on file.

The Suspension Applies To Out Of State Drivers Too

Even drivers from other states may have their driver’s license suspended if they do not pay the Georgia Super Speeder penalty. For example, if a driver with a Florida Driver’s License does not pay the Georgia Super Speeder penalty then Georgia will suspend this driver’s privilege to drive in the State of Georgia. Georgia will then report this suspension to Florida. Once Florida receives notice of the suspension they are free to honor the suspension or ignore it.

Most states will honor the suspension, and Florida is one of these states. Even if the state does not honor the Georgia suspension the suspension will be reported to the National Register. This is a national database that all states report suspensions to. When the Florida driver tries to renew his Florida Driver’s License Florida will not allow him to renew because they will see the suspension in Georgia.

The Florida driver will have to reinstate his privilege to drive in Georgia/clear the suspension before Florida will allow him to renew his license. It can be very difficult, and time-consuming when you have to deal with two different state licensing authorities.

Learn More About The Georgia Super Speeder Law

To learn more about beating the Georgia Super Speeder penalty please go to the Georgia Department of Driver Services Super Speeder FAQ located at