What Happens if I Get Pulled Over With a Suspended License?

In Georgia there are a variety of situations that could lead to the loss of a driver’s license. Committing a traffic offense, failing to pay a fine in a timely manner, or accumulating too many points on a driver’s license could all potentially end in a suspended license.

Once a license is suspended, you must comply with the courts and the Department of Driver Services (DDS) to get it restored. Attempting to drive before your privileges are restored could lead to serious consequences, and learning what happens if you get pulled over with a suspended license will help you understand why driving without a license is never a good idea.


If you are pulled over and the police officer discovers you are driving with a suspended license, it is possible that he or she will let you go with a warning. Unfortunately, the police have the option of arresting you, and if you are a person with a history of a traffic violations, it is likely that you will get arrested during the traffic stop.

A person who has warrants for their arrest, has already received multiple tickets, or has previously been pulled over for driving with a suspended license has a higher chance of facing this penalty.

Vehicle Impounding

After you have been stopped for driving without a license, you will not be able to continue operating the vehicle you were previously driving. Depending on the circumstances, the police officer who stops you may allow you to wait for another person to come and drive your vehicle for you.

However, if no one can be located or the police have decided to arrest you, then your vehicle may be impounded. Having your vehicle impounded in Georgia means that you will have to pay for the towing cost and vehicle storage after the police have given you permission to retrieve the vehicle in question.


In the best situations, the only thing that will happen is that you will be issued a traffic citation for driving with a suspended license. You will still need to have another person come retrieve your vehicle and drive you to your home, but you may be able to avoid having your vehicle impounded.

If you are someone with multiple citations or active warrants, then the citations might be issued in addition to other penalties like vehicle impounding and arrest. The fines for this offense vary and can be anywhere from $200 to $400, not including the costs associated with making bail or retrieving an impounded vehicle.


In Georgia, it is a crime to drive while your license is suspended or revoked. If you have multiple convictions within a five-year period, you could find yourself charged with a felony.

A felony conviction or more than four convictions in five years could lead to up to five years in prison and a fine of no more than $5,000.

Get Help From a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone close to you has recently been stopped for driving without a valid license, you do not have to handle things alone. The legal team at Yeargan Barber & Kert are here to provide you the support you need during this difficult time. Our lawyers work with you to determine the best options for your situation.

We help you to avoid penalties such as the loss of your vehicle, no longer being able to get to work or school, and being incarcerated. Contact us to schedule a consultation at one of our conveniently located Atlanta area offices so that we can begin working on your case.