Do Insurance Companies Pay for Atlanta DUI Accident Damages?

Insurance policies, no matter the state in which they are purchased, exclude any coverage for acts that are fraudulent or intentional. For example, if one day you decide to light your car on fire, your insurance company will not pay for the damages from the fire. However, insurance companies do have to pay for any damages that result from other illegal acts if the crime is found to be an accident. If your Atlanta based insurance company is refusing to pay for DUI accident damages, you should call an experienced DUI attorney to help sort everything out.


Everyone knows that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal. If you drive under the influence of alcohol and your actions result in a car accident, your auto insurance company should pay for the damages that you cause. Of course, the payment will only be as much as your liability limits allow. For example, if the accident causes injuries to someone else, your auto insurance policy will cover the medical bills up to your policy liability limits.

For example, if you set someone’s home on fire, you are committing a crime intentionally. However, if you drive under the influence of alcohol, you know that it is illegal to drink and drive, but you do not expect to cause an accident. Keep in mind that, while your insurance policy will pay for the damages after a DUI your auto insurance rates will skyrocket. In fact, some insurance agencies might even cancel your insurance or refuse to renew your policy when the time comes.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving means more than simply driving a few miles over the speed limit. Typically, reckless driving requires some type of blatant disregard for the rules of the road, such as driving at dangerously high speeds or drag racing on the road. Despite any legal consequences you may face, if your reckless driving results in a car accident, your insurance company should pay for any damages that you cause.

Again, you need to remember that your insurance agency has the right to increase the rates on your policy. In fact, the rates can be raised to excruciatingly high amounts. As with an accident that is caused by your DUI, they can also cancel your policy or refuse to renew your insurance when the current policy comes to an end.

Contact An Attorney

Obviously, it is better to stay within the laws and drive safely, but understandably, everyone makes mistakes. If you caused an accident in Atlanta when you were driving recklessly or under the influence of alcohol and your insurance company refuses to pay any related bills, you should contact an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney. At Yeargan , Barber, & Kert, our defense lawyers know the Georgia DUI laws inside and out. We have dealt with Atlanta insurance agencies that were reluctant to pay the bills that they were obligated to pay. Call us today at (404) 467-1747 for a free consultation so that we can begin providing you with aggressive representation you deserve.