Multiple Car Crashes To DUI In Atlanta

Earlier this month, Georgia law enforcement arrested a man on a DUI and other related charges for an accident involving several motor vehicles. The motor vehicle driver in question was operating a vehicle without a license because the man’s license had been taken away for failure to pay child support. The man drove so recklessly that he caused a three-car chain-reaction crash on Interstate 75 near Marietta. The chain reaction began when the man rear-ended another vehicle so hard that it caused the struck to the vehicle to collide with a third vehicle.

The intoxicated man’s vehicle ultimately traveled several hundred more yards before leaving the road and approaching a guardrail. The man later attempted to flee on foot from Georgia law enforcement. Authorities proceed to obtain warrants to test the man’s blood and urine, charged the man with driving under the influence, driving recklessly, following too closely, hit and run, and driving without a license.

Multiple vehicle collisions occur more than many motorists believe and many times these chain-reaction collisions are caused by motor vehicle drivers who operate vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. Reports indicate that there were over 7,000 fatalities in 2014 due to multiple vehicle accidents.

Common Causes Of Multiple Motor Vehicle Collisions

Most multiple-vehicle collisions tend to involve one or more drivers who operate a vehicle while distracted or neglects to slow down. This driver then proceeds to strike another vehicle, which consequently collides with a third vehicle. As a result, drivers who might be operating a motor vehicle in a safe and responsible manner can still be involved in a multiple-vehicle accident.

In addition to alcohol abuse, there are several other common factors involved in multiple vehicle accidents. Distracted driving is a common cause of multiple vehicle collisions. Drivers who fail to pay attention to other motor vehicles on the road can easily become involved in multiple vehicle accidents.

Multiple vehicle accidents also tend to occur immediately following other motor vehicle accidents. Because drivers may unexpectedly slow down to view an accident scene, other drivers can end up not paying attention to the road and causing multiple vehicle accidents.

Liability For Atlanta Chain Reaction Accidents

In motor vehicle accidents involving merely two vehicles, it is often difficult to determine liability for the accident because the driver who caused the crash is frequently at fault. Determining liability for an automobile collision involving multiple vehicles, however, is significantly more challenging than two-vehicle accidents. Because liability can be difficult to exactly determine when multiple vehicle accidents occur, the insurance company is often hesitant to pay compensation in these types of situations.

Injuries Resulting From Atlanta Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Chain reaction accidents can vary significantly in terms of injuries incurred by motor vehicle drivers and passengers. A very common injury in chain reaction accidents are injuries to the spinal cord or neck due to the abrupt stop experienced by motor vehicles

How A Skilled Atlanta DUI Attorney Can Help

No matter what car you were in a chain reaction, if you were involved in a multiple-vehicle collision it can be extremely helpful to seek counsel from an experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer who knows how to zealously fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact Yeargan & Kert LLC today for a free consultation.