Operation Rolling Thunder: A Big Surprise for DUI Drivers

If you are a Georgia resident, you might already be aware of the likes of Operation Rolling Thunder, but for out-of-staters who are spending some time in the Peach State, this law enforcement-packed initiative could take them by surprise. This is not a reference to the American aerial bombing campaign that took place during the Vietnam War, but rather the Georgia strategy originally known as “Operation Thunder,” which strategically places law enforcement officers across the state to reduce illegal driving behaviors and traffic fatalities in specific areas of the state.  

Keeping Georgia Roads Safe

Operation Rolling Thunder was initiated in 2007 to increase safety on our Georgia roads and highways. The task force periodically sets up campaigns in different counties of Georgia, typically at peak traffic times, like summertime, but do not be surprised to see them setting up their roadblocks, or, as they call them, checkpoints, during the wintertime in a county near you. Their main interests are people who are driving with suspended licenses, anyone driving under the influence, and individuals who have warrants issued for their arrest, but law enforcement officials do not hesitate to issue warnings to anyone who is breaking the law during these missions.

Thousands of Citations Issued in Savannah

Since the inception of Operation Thunder, the task force has issued thousands of citations to drivers, as well as warnings, and hundreds of people have been arrested for various reasons. In Savannah, Georgia from May to August of 2017, Operation Rolling Thunder resulted in over 1,000 seat belt or child restraint, speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence citations. Over 100 drug, felony, and other arrests took place, while 13 fugitives were apprehended.

Glynn County Detention Center Fills Up

This summer, Glynn County was the stomping grounds for Operation Rolling Thunder, which included a task force made up of state police, city police, and county police, as well as members of the Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic team. For added enforcement, Glynn County jail staff was increased to help process booking arrests, the office of highway safety’s breathalyzer van was parked on-site to test potential DUI drivers, and a prisoner transport van from the sheriff’s office was utilized to expedite the transporting of numerous DUI suspects at one time. According to The Brunswick News, this summer’s Glynn County Rolling Thunder mission created a long wait line at the Glynn County Detention Center with alleged impaired drivers, as well as others, who were arrested during the initiative.  

Did Operation Rolling Thunder Arrest You?

If you were arrested during an Operating Rolling Thunder mission in Georgia, you should contact an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney who can help you fight the charges against you. Because so many arrests are being processed within a short amount of time, there is a possibility that mistakes were made, and a knowledgeable attorney will know how to look for important discrepancies in your case.

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