Possession of Methamphetamine Charges and Georgia DUIs

Weaving in the road is one type of charge that might be raised against motorists in the state of Georgia who are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Recently, a motorist in Madison County was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of methamphetamine after the motorist led law enforcement on a high-speed chase from Danielsville to Royston.

The chase began when law enforcement spotted the driver traveling erratically. Eventually, during the chase the motorist’s vehicle reached a speed of 100 miles per hour. Law enforcement was ultimately forced to use a tactical maneuver, called a precision immobilization technique, in order to make the motorist spin out of control. The motorist who started the chase and the passenger who was wanted on a felony probation warrant were placed under arrest.

As a result of this event, the motorist in question now faces charges of driving under the influence, attempting to elude police, reckless driving, weaving in the road, and possession of methamphetamines.

Applicable Georgia Law

Methamphetamines have several common street names including meth, crystal, and ice. Methamphetamine is also a highly addictive synthetic substance that requires a complicated chemical process in order to manufacture. Individuals in Georgia who are charged with possession of methamphetamine might not be found with methamphetamine immediately within their possession.

Possession of methamphetamine charge simply means that an individual was charged while able to control methamphetamines. Other times, an individual who is charged with possession of methamphetamines while operating a motor vehicle merely is found to have methamphetamines within the individual’s motor vehicle.

Consequences of Such a Charge

In the state of Georgia, methamphetamines are considered a Schedule II drug. Individuals who charged with possession of methamphetamine are faced with a felony offense. The exact punishment will vary dependent upon the amount of methamphetamine that an individual has in possession.

For up to two grams of methamphetamine, an individual can expect to face imprisonment for one to three years. For two to four grams, an individual can expect to face imprisonment for one to eight years. For four to 28 grams, individuals can expect to face one to 15 years. Individuals who are charged with a second or greater offense can expect to spend up to 30 years in prison.

Available Defenses

Fortunately, there are several defenses that are used by individuals in response to methamphetamine charges. Some of the most common defenses that are used by individuals include:

  • The constitutionality of the stop that discovered the methamphetamine possession,
  • Whether an individual was aware that methamphetamine was in the motor vehicle, and
  • If an individual had been legally prescribed methamphetamine by a healthcare provider.

Retain the Services of a Knowledgeable Atlanta DUI Attorney

If you are faced with possession of methamphetamine or any other type of charge related to driving under the influence of drugs, consider contacting a skilled attorney at Yeargan & Kert, LLC who has helped many other clients respond to these types of charges.