Reasons to Fight a Traffic Ticket

The majority of adults in Georgia with valid driver’s licenses have received at least one citation in their life. These citations are as minor as forgetting to wear your seatbelt and as major as operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license. The punishment for each violation is different and is often based on the type of violation along with the history of the cited driver.

In some situations, the driver will decide to simply pay the ticket, but in other cases, a driver will fight the citation. If you are a driver in Georgia who has received a citation and are not sure what option is best for you, knowing these reasons to fight a traffic ticket might make your decision easier.

You Believe the Officer Made a Mistake

Like all people, law enforcement officers are fallible and occasionally make errors. When this happens, an innocent person could find themselves dealing with a traffic ticket that they might not have actually deserved.

Incorrectly documenting your speed, issuing a citation that has details for a different vehicle, or not recording proper weather conditions are possible errors that could prove that your ticket should not have been issued. If you believe the officer made a mistake, then consider fighting your traffic ticket.  

The Issue was Resolved

Occasionally a person will receive a traffic citation for not having certain information on hand, like current insurance policy documents. In other cases, a ticket may be given for a small vehicle problem that the driver would not be aware of without being told, such as a broken brake light.  

It may be possible to appear in court and show that you had valid insurance when you were pulled over or that you have made the repair mentioned, resolving the issue. At that point, the court may dismiss your case, not requiring you to pay the fine.

You Have Multiple Violations

A mistake that many people make is deciding to pay a citation because they have numerous prior violations and do not want to attend court again or risk a harsher punishment. While paying the fine does keep you out of court, it can cause trouble in the future if you receive another ticket.

It can also lead to problems in the present if you have already accumulated numerous points on your driver’s license. In both cases, you could find yourself facing a higher fine or the loss of your driving privileges because you never attempted to fight any of your previous traffic tickets.

Talk to an Attorney

Before you pay any traffic tickets or attend a hearing by yourself talk to a traffic attorney who can give you honest advice regarding what legal decision is best for you. The attorneys at Yeargan & Kert understand how stressful receiving any citation can be and we work with you to determine what options are available to you.

We are able to provide the zealous defense you need to help you preserve your driving privileges and avoid excessive fines. Call our Atlanta area office today to schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your legal needs.