Responding to Hit and Run Charges in Georgia

A mother of two children in Kingsland, Georgia was recently arrested due to connection with a suspected hit and run DUI accident. The woman now faces several charges including DUI, two counts of child endangerment, two counts of child abuse, hit and run, and battery.

The accident occurred when the woman crashed her vehicle into a ditch while driving with her two children. Fortunately, two teenagers who saw the accident occur rushed to the scene to make sure that everyone was okay. Law enforcement later tracked down the driver at her home. According to the police report, the woman answered the door to her house smelling of alcohol.

After the woman was questioned, she admitted to hitting a guardrail prior to crashing into a ditch near her home. Law enforcement has since stated that the woman has two previous DUI convictions and a pending DUI charge from 2017.

Georgia Law on Hit and Run Accidents

Georgia law states that motor vehicle drivers have a duty to stop or return to the scene of an accident in which they are involved. Drivers who fail to follow this step are at risk of being convicted of committing a hit and run.

Not only are drivers in Georgia required to stop at the scene of an accident, they also must provide their name, address, and vehicle registration information to the other individuals involved. If requested by the driver of a vehicle, a person must also provide his or her driver’s license number.

Additionally, motor vehicle drivers are also required to provide aid to anyone who is injured in an accident, which includes contacting emergency services, if necessary.

Drivers in Georgia can end up facing serious charges for hit and run accidents – ranging from $300 to $1,000. Some individuals can also face up to 12 months in prison.

Advice in Responding to Hit and Run Charges

There are several important pieces of advice that drivers in Georgia who are charged with hit and run accidents should remember to follow:

  • Avoid making false statements to your insurance carrier or law enforcement.
  • Do not contact law enforcement after you have left the scene of an accident without first speaking with an attorney.
  • Remember that in many situations, there are options to avoid being charged with a hit and run.
  • Write down all important details about the incident when it is still fresh in your memory. Include any photographs of damage to the vehicle you might have taken.
  • Remember that everyone makes mistakes. If you are responsible for committing a hit and run, remember that you still have rights and options about how you respond to these charges.

Speak with an Experienced DUI Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with a hit and run in Georgia, do not hesitate to speak with an experienced lawyer at Yeargan & Kert, LLC. We have helped many people respond to DUI charges and will remain committed to making sure that you have the strongest defense possible.