Running a Red Light in Georgia

Statistics indicate that each year in the United States, 90,000 people are injuries and 1,000 people are killed due to traffic accidents in which a motor vehicle driver runs a red light. Being issued a ticket for running a red light in the state of Georgia can occur in a variety of ways.

Red light violations can be detected by cameras that are positioned on traffic lights and photograph motor vehicle drivers committing the act or violations can be directly observed by Georgia law enforcement officers. Running a red light can result in a variety of penalties including significant fines and increased insurance rates.

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Resulting Penalties for Running a Red Light

If a red light camera captures a driver running a red light, the driver’s photograph will be taken, and the driver will be sent a citation and fine through the mail. For motor vehicle drivers who are stopped by law enforcement, this type of stop will occur in the same way as any other traffic violation.

The offense of running a red light in the state of Georgia carries a maximum fine of $1,000 and three points on an individual’s driver’s license. The accumulation of a certain amount of points on an individual’s driver’s license can result in the suspension and sometimes even revocation of that individual’s driver’s license.

Available Defenses to Respond to a Red Light Violation

Individuals who are charged with running a red light are able to raise one of several types of defenses, which include the following:

  • Inadequate Timing: Motor vehicle drivers can argue that a yellow light was not long enough in duration, so the driver ended up in the middle of an intersection while the light turned red. Individuals can also argue that a traffic light camera was not set to take a picture of the driver at the right time.
  • Not Safe to Stop: A large vehicle following closely behind a driver or one of many other types of circumstances may prevent an individual from stopping safely at a red light.
  • Poor View: If a law enforcement officer was not in a position to observe a motor vehicle driver stopping for a red light or the traffic light camera did not capture the license tag and color of the light as required, then a motor vehicle driver can likely create a strong defense based upon the element of poor visibility.

Contact a Talented Atlanta Traffic Attorney

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