Suspended Registration Is Not The Same As Expired Tag; Suspended Registration Is Much More Severe

Suspended Registration Vs. Expired Tag

Being charged with Suspended Registration is entirely different than being charged with Expired Tag.A Suspended Registration charge requires a minimum $500 fine, this charge goes on your driving history, and will suspend your driver’s license. The license suspension is for 120 days, and there is a limited permit for work, school, etc.

However, it is always best to avoid having your license suspended. Pleading Nolo Contendere, or No Contest, to this violation will not stop the license suspension.

An Expired Tag citation does not go on your driving history, does not suspend your driver’s license, and carries a small fine. Expired Tag citations are usually considered minor document charges by the courts.

Suspended Registration: Your Best Defense

Suspended Registration tickets require that the person driving the vehicle knew the registration was suspended. Many times the prosecution cannot meet this knowledge requirement. Every vehicle’s registration has a history the same way a driver’s license has a driving history.

The prosecutor must check the vehicle’s registration history to see if the owner was given notice that their vehicle’s registration was suspended. Even if the owner was given notice of the suspension this does not mean the driver of the vehicle had knowledge of the suspension. Make sure you don’t plead to this charge when it should be dismissed, or reduced.

Many times if the person who received the ticket appears in court with proof that they have reinstated, and renewed, their registration the prosecutor will dismiss, or reduce the charge. The charge is usually reduced to Operating A Vehicle With An Expired Tag. Many people end up getting convicted of Driving With A Suspended Registration when they never should be. Make sure this does not happen to you.

Suspended Registration: More Information

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