Underage DUIs in Atlanta

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility reports that 8.7 million children in the United States between the ages of twelve and twenty consume alcohol. In accordance with a study conducted by Congress, the state of Georgia, 23.6 percent of children between the similar age of twelve and twenty reports drinking alcohol within the past month.

It is important that motorists under the age of twenty one understand some of the facts about how underage DUI accidents occur in Atlanta.

Laws That Apply To DUI Accidents Involving Minors

In the state of Georgia, minors include anyone who is under the age of twenty-one. For motor vehicle drivers who are below the age of twenty-one, DUI laws are particularly strict. As a result of these strict DUI laws, motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia must take all efforts to avoid being charged for a DUI while still making sure to be prepared in case such an event does occur.

One of the primary laws in Georgia regarding minors and alcohol concerns blood alcohol content. In accordance with Georgia law, minors are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle with an alcohol concentration equal to or greater than .02 grams.

There are some laws that make allowance for minor motor vehicle drivers who might have recently taken medication that includes alcohol. There are also exceptions made for religious purposes like taking communion.

Potential Penalties For Atlanta Minors Faced With DUIs

Minors who are convicted of underage DUIs in Georgia with blood alcohol content level below .08, the potential penalties may be as light as required community service and license suspension. Motor vehicle drivers convicted of blood alcohol content below .08 grams face six-month license suspensions, while minor drivers with a blood alcohol content above .08 grams could potentially have a driver’s license suspended for a year.

There are also various other potential penalties faced by minor motorists in the state of Georgia who face DUIs. These motorists might have a record of the event placed on an individual’s record, which can substantially influence the individual’s education and career. Also, DUI charges carry a minimum probation period of a year.

Having to physically report to probation can also prove to be a substantial obstacle for minors. Minors convicted of drunk driving are also required to be incarcerated for twenty-four hours and must face fines of no less than three hundred dollars.

How An Experienced Atlanta DUI Attorney Can Help

There is no reason for individuals to face the lifetime stigma of a criminal record. A skilled DUI attorney will likely know how to use first offender or conditional discharge problems in order to respond to these potential charges. A talented Atlanta DUI lawyer will also know how to expunge records to make sure that these charges interfere as little as possible with the driver’s life.

So if you are a minor or the parent of a minor in the Atlanta area who faces a DUI charge, do not hesitate to contact a top Atlanta DUI lawyer at  Yeargan & Kert LLC who can make sure that your case reaches the best result possible.