What Is A Following Too Closely Charge?

Each day drivers throughout the state of Georgia find themselves charged with the crime of following too closely. Even though it is one of the most common citations issued, following too closely is not something that every driver understands. Though seemingly self-explanatory, the charge has the potential to be substantially more serious than most initially realize.

In certain circumstances, having the citation issued in addition to other charges could lead to large fines, a criminal record, or even jail time. Understanding following too closely and how it could affect other charges received with that citation may help you should you ever find yourself facing the charge.

Why is Following Distance Important?

One of the first things new drivers learn about is the distance that one driver should leave between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. The reason drivers should keep a significant distance between themselves and another vehicle is that the distance gives a driver more time to react to a sudden change in driving conditions.

Having a safe distance between yourself and another vehicle gives you a chance to stop or otherwise avoid a potential collision, keeping yourself along with other drivers on the road safe.

How Serious is the Crime?

The idea of getting a ticket for driving too closely to another vehicle may seem silly to some, but in reality, following another vehicle too closely is extremely dangerous. In 2015, the driver of a truck rear-ended a vehicle killing five Georgia nursing students, and the accident was blamed on the truck driver following the student’s vehicle too closely.

Recently, a city in Arkansas determined that the number one reason for car accidents in their area was following too closely.  This particular traffic violation has the potential to cause major deadly accidents that could have been avoided through the use of proper driving techniques.

Potential Penalties

Following too closely is a potentially serious offense, especially if you are a truck driver or a habitual offender. The ticket is usually issued after a motor vehicle accident that includes a rear-end collision and the penalty includes a fine along with points against your driver’s license.  

Once enough points are accumulated, your driver’s license may be suspended, and if the citation is combined with other charges such as speeding or vehicular manslaughter, serving jail time could be a possibility. If you are labeled a habitual offender after receiving several citations, then it becomes increasingly difficult to fight traffic charges or deny liability.

Talk to a Lawyer

Instead of paying your ticket to avoid going to court, protect your driving record and future by consulting with a driving offense attorney. A qualified attorney can work on your behalf to have your charges dismissed. The legal team at Yeargan & Kert understands the seriousness of having any charges on your record.

We work hard to preserve your driving record to ensure that you are not labeled as a regular traffic offender. If you or someone close to you has been issued a citation, contact our office at 404-467-1747 today to schedule an initial consultation.