What Not to do if Pulled Over for a DUI

A man in Forsyth last month was jailed on charges of driving under the influence as well as aggravated battery after he crashed his vehicle and proceeded to get into a fight with an emergency medical technician. Law enforcement at the scene of the accident reports that the driver was arrested on one count of aggravated DUI as well as two other counts. The charges marked the driver’s third DUI. The incident occurred after Georgia law enforcement was called to the scene of a single vehicle accident where the driver was found in the driver’s seat and declared intoxicated. After being instructed that it was time to go to the hospital, the driver struck the medical worker. Later, the driver was transferred to Macon County Jail.

While most people understand the dangers associated with drinking and driving, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration still reports that approximately 29 individuals are killed each year in the United States due to alcohol-impaired accidents. While there are many articles about what you should remember to do if pulled over for drunk driving, this article will review some of the things that you should never do if involved in a DUI accident.

Admit, Deny, or Explain Your Intoxication

When questioned by law enforcement, you should never hesitate to raise your Fifth Amendment right to silence. Many law enforcement officers are trained to ask whether you have been drinking or even how much you have to drink so they can begin to build the basis for reasonable suspicion. Rather than provide any information about drinking, you should always assert your right to silence. There is a risk that any information you provide will be used against you in a court of law.

Participate in Field Sobriety Tests

Under no circumstances should you agree to participate in any type of field sobriety test. Law enforcement officers in Georgia are unable to punish you if you refuse a field sobriety test, which means that you should not feel required to participate in the test. In many circumstances, it is better to not participate in a field sobriety test than to risk providing negative results.

Do Not be Combative

Like the driver at the beginning of this article, you should never fight or be combative with anyone at the scene of the incident. Instead, remain cooperative with law enforcement. If you remain positive, law enforcement will likely treat you in a more positive manner, which often means that you will be able to escape without charges or will face less serious penalties.

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