Pandering in Atlanta

This is What You Need to Know about a Pandering Charge in Atlanta Georgia From Yeargan & Kert, LLC

Some crimes are hybrids of two or more related crimes. Pandering, defined under 16-6-12 statute, is one of those crimes. Pandering may sound like you were accused of asking people for money to get on the bus or food. It is not. Instead, pandering is a sex crime.

More specifically, this is a prostitution-related crime.

Prostitution in Atlanta Georgia is defined as the act of offering, accepting or engaging in a sex act for money or something of value.

Pandering in Atlanta Georgia is a Hybrid of Soliciting  and Pimping Charges

Pandering is the combination of two other prostitution-related crimes: pimping and solicitation. Pimping is the act of acquiring, negotiating and facilitating paid sexual activity between a prostitute and their clients. The individual is considered a third party to the transaction and paid for their illegal services from what the prostitution makes.

Solicitation is the crime of asking a person to engage in sexual activity. This is different from criminal solicitation. Criminal solicitation involves you asking a person to commit a felony on your behalf.

Pandering in Atlanta Georgia is a Misdemeanor

Pandering involves two criminal acts. You allegedly solicit people to participate in prostitution as a prostitute. You can also be accused of trying to get people to engage in sexual activity with you for a fee. The second part of this crime involves your location. You allegedly stayed in a place for the purpose of being asked to engage in prostitution acts.

Is Prostitution and Pandering Similar Crimes in Atlanta Georgia?

No. Pandering is not a prostitution crime, but a prostitution-related crime. You are accused of this crime because you are in a certain place repeated or trying to get clients to participate in prostitution.

You can be charged with both crimes if prosecutors believe you committed both crimes. However, you cannot be charged with this offense instead of prostitution when you did not commit the crime.

Is Loitering, Prowling, Public Indecency Similar Crimes to Pandering in Atlanta Georgia?

No. Loitering is similar to pandering. Loitering means that you were allegedly hanging around a location like a store and you were allowed to hanging out there. Prowling means that you were making feel unsafe because you were constantly hanging around an area.

Pandering and disorderly conduct are the least similar crimes of all the crimes mentioned. Disorderly conduct happens without provocation. This means you allegedly said some profane or and nasty things in public. You may also be accused of saying profane things in public. That minor would have to be, at the time of the charge, under 14 years old or younger.

Public indecency is extremely different from what you are accused of committing. It involves the illegal act of showing your sexual organs in public. You are not accused of showing your sexual organs in public even though sex is involved in the case

Pandering is different from all the criminal charges listed because it involves another crime, prostitution. Pandering is the illegal act of asking an individual to engage in prostitution. This “asking” in Atlanta Georgia, is called solicitation. Solicitation is the asking of a person to commit a crime.

You are accused of hanging around, but not asking another individual to engage in prostitution. Prostitution is the illegal act of offering, accepting or performing a sex act in Atlanta Georgia. Prowling is also different from pandering. Prowling is the illegal act of hanging around and putting someone in fear of their safety, not trying to engage in criminal activity.

You can be accused of all these crimes. You can be accused of pandering and loitering and prowling. However, they are all separate crimes. You have to have different defenses and elements in each criminal charge discussed.

Pandering in Atlanta Georgia is a Misdemeanor Crime

Pandering, like most prostitution-related crimes, are misdemeanors. As a misdemeanor is punishable by 12 months in county jail. You may have to pay a fine. You can be charged with a felony for this offense if you solicit clients for a minor. If you are convicted of a felony, you face one to five years in prison.

Let Yeargan & Kert, LLC be Your Legal Guide in an Atlanta Georgia Pandering Case

You are accused of hanging around a place asking people to participate in prostitution. That does not mean you are guilty of the crime. It just means that you were accused of the crime. This is what you need to do right now, start fighting your pandering case with an aggressive attorney from Yeargan & Kert, LLC.

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