Pimping in Atlanta

Let a Tough Attorney from Yeargan & Kert, LLC be Your Legal Advocate in an Atlanta Georgia Pimping Charge

The term “pimping” usually conjures up images of music videos and movies that glorify the “job” of being a pimp. However, the state of Georgia does not glorify being a pimp. It tries to sentence an individual to severe criminal punishment for pimping.

If you or a loved one is accused of pimping, you should know that it is considered a prostitution-related crime. Prostitution is the act of offering, accepting or engaging in a sex act to for money or anything of value.

According to the criminal statute, pimping is a prostitution-related crime because a pimp is not directly participating in the act of prostitution.

Pimping is the Crime of Facilitating Prostitution According to Georgia Criminal Law

You can be accused of pimping under five circumstances in Atlanta Georgia. These five circumstances include:

The list above is the same elements a prosecutor will use to try to convict you of pimping. The catch is they have to use evidence to support the listed element you are accused of committing. They have to prove the element of elements beyond a reasonable doubt.

Keeping a Place of Prostitution and Pimping are not Similar Charges in Atlanta Georgia

Pimping is the criminal act of facilitating a sex act between individuals for pay. However, keeping a place of prostitution has nothing to do with facilitating prostitution. Instead, a person is accused of having a place where prostitutes can take their clients to engage in sexual activities.

You can be charged with both crimes if the prosecution believes you committed both crimes. You cannot be charged with keeping a place of prostitution instead of pimping.

Defending Yourself in a Pimping Charge in Atlanta Georgia

You have options to fight your pimping charge.  Tell your truthful version of what happened before, during and after the arrest. A defense is vital because it allows you to fight the arson charge. Below are some common defenses to pimping in Atlanta Georgia:

Lack of evidence is the type of defense that makes the state show their evidence. You claim they do not have the evidence to take the case to court. You challenge the evidence and tell them they have no evidence. If they do not have the evidence, they have to drop the pimping charge against you. They may try to ask you to take a plea deal prior to dropping the charges. However, the goal of the defense is to avoid all criminal liability.

Not all defenses may not fit every case. You may not see the defense that you think you can use.  More defenses are available. The defense you choose will be adapted to the facts of the case to help you be victorious.

The Punishment for Pimping in Atlanta Georgia Depends on Many Factors

Anyone convicted of pimping faces a misdemeanor punishment of 12 months in county jail and a fine. The maximum fine is $1,000. Pimping is a felony crime if the alleged prostitute is older than 16 years but younger than 18 years old. This penalty for pimping is five to 20 years in prison.

Yeargan & Kert, LLC is Your Legal Advocate in an Atlanta Georgia Pimping Charge

Take a deep breath and do not panic. Many people suspected of or actually arrested for pimping automatically believe the worst. The worst thing that can happen is spending time behind bars. This is not likely to happen especially with an aggressive and skilled attorney from Yeargan & Kert, LLC defending you.

This is not the time to panic. We have a defense to present. We have time to negotiate with the prosecutor to get your case dropped or reduced. Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC regarding your free case evaluation.