Driving without Headlights in Atlanta

Driving Without Headlights in Georgia is a Traffic Ticket Point Deduction

According to O.C.G.A 40-8-20, you must turn on vehicle headlights at specific times or receive a traffic ticket. If the police see you driving without headlights you will be ticketed. The law outlines specific times when you must display vehicle headlights. The minor traffic infraction can have serious consequences to your driving record.

The state considers vehicle headlights as a factor in preventing car accidents or hitting pedestrians. For instance, the front and back lights on a vehicle are used to increase driver visibility and have other drivers see you.

When to Display Your Vehicle Headlights while Operating a Motor Vehicle in Georgia

In Georgia, a driver must illuminate their vehicle’s headlights or get in legal trouble. When driving, you must have your vehicle’s headlights on:

For instance, high-beam headlights should only be turned on when the vehicle is not traveling near any other vehicles. One example of this is driving on rural Metro Georgia roadways. You should always keep your vehicle’s headlights dim when you are:

Keeping headlights on but dim avoids decreasing another driver’s visibility. Often, headlights are too bright and cause glare.

Actions that can Get Your Ticketed for Driving Without Headlights at the Proper Times in Georgia

Not displaying your vehicle’s headlights when required is easy to do when driving. Most vehicles have an automatic headlight feature. The automatic feature allows you to operate your motor vehicle without having to worry about illuminating them.

Unfortunately, the automatic headlight feature on your vehicle may not always work properly. The vehicle may not turn the headlights on during the times required by law. You think they are illuminated until you are stopped by police.

Another reason why you may be ticketed for not displaying your headlights at the proper time is driving in a rented vehicle. Many rental car agencies have vehicles without the automatic headlight feature. Once again, you are driving without the knowledge of your headlights not being displayed at the correct time.

Many drivers who do not have the automatic headlight feature are often ticketed in the downtown Georgia areas. You have enough light illuminating the downtown streets so that you can see clearly. Like most drivers, you may not turn on your headlights. The next thing you know, a police officer is stopping you because you did not properly display your headlights.

You may even be ticketed in a Georgia for not having your headlights turned on while traveling in a parking lot.

Not Displaying Your Vehicle’s Headlights in Georgia is a Fine and Points Added to Your Driving Record

Georgia Point System ranges from two to six points. If you are charged with a headlight offense in Georgia, you face a fine and three points on your driving record. Points on a driving record can result in a driving licenses suspension.

For example, a driver with 15 points on their record in a 24-month period will have their driving privileges revoked. If the driver is under 18-year-old, they can have their driving privileges revoked if they have four points or more on their record. So an underage driver would have their licensed suspended if they already have one or two points already on their record.

Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC about Your Driving Without Headlights Violation in Georgia

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