Failure to Obey a Person Directing Traffic in Atlanta

Each year, a number of motor vehicle operators in the state of Georgia are charged with failure to obey a person directing traffic. In many cases, these charges involve motor vehicle operators who have either driven in a particularly reckless nature or who have a strong reason why the motor vehicle operator failed to obey a traffic director.

The best advice for motor vehicle drivers in Atlanta and the rest of the state of Georgia who are charged with failure to obey a person directing traffic is to retain the services of a skilled and experienced attorney who has a deep understanding of the applicable law and knows how to best ensure that an accident victim’s case resolves in a positive manner. Motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia should also understand some of the key details about how failure to obey a person directing traffic charges are made in the state of Georgia.

Applicable Georgia Law About Failure to Obey a Person Directing Traffic Charges

Applicable law in the state of Georgia makes it illegal for individuals either fail or refuse to follow the direction of any authorized personnel who has been assigned the duty of directing traffic. Authorized personnel can include several different types of individuals including authorized school crossing guards, firefighters, law enforcement officers or even law enforcement volunteers. Many individuals are curious about how law enforcement can assign volunteers.

Local law enforcement agencies have the authority to designate and equip volunteers with the authority to control traffic. Motor vehicle drivers should know that law enforcement will not appoint volunteers to direct traffic unless certain emergency situations occur including explosions, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other type of crisis situation.

Defending Against These Charges

A skilled attorney from Yeargan & Kert, LLC can often create a strong legal defense that an individual is not guilty of failing to obey a person directing traffic because prosecution must prove several elements in order to convict an individual of this charge.

These elements include:

Another potentially strong defense is arguing that the individual was conducting traffic was not properly authorized by law enforcement to do so. A driver might also be able to prove that not failure to follow the director’s signals occurred.

The Consequences of Failing to Obey a Person Directing Traffic

Not only is an accident likely if an individual fails to follow traffic directions, the motor vehicle operator is also likely to receive a citation placed on their driver’s license. For Georgia motor vehicle drivers, the accumulation of greater than fifteen points within a twenty month period has the potential to result in the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license.

In a large number of cases, failing to obey charges also result in a driver’s insurance rates increasing because the individual’s insurance company will now view the individual as a riskier driver who is more likely to become involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Contact a Knowledgeable Traffic Attorney at Yeargan & Kert, LLC

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