Improper Lane Change in Atlanta

Motor vehicle drivers who make improper lane changer cause a significant number of motor vehicle accidents in Georgia each year. In many cases, accidents due to improper lane change create the presumption that the driver making the lane change is the at-fault driver, which can make the assistance of a skilled motor vehicle driver particularly beneficial.

The applicable law in the state of Georgia also imposes a duty on motor vehicle drivers to ensure that it is safe to change lanes before doing so.

Applicable Georgia Law Regarding Lane Change From Yeargan & Kert, LLC

In the state of Georgia, there are particular laws restricting the situations during which lane change can be made. When a road has been divided into two or more lanes, Georgia law requires that a motor vehicle be driven as nearly as practicable within a single lane of road and that a driver should not from the lane until the driver determines that the lane change can be performed safely.

Georgia law is particularly unclear regarding what constitutes a safe situation in which a motor vehicle driver can lawfully change a lane. There is also a relevant section of Georgia law which holds that motor vehicle drivers must follow traffic control devices that determine when lane change can properly be made. Failing to obey these traffic control devices often results in individuals being charged with violations.

Examples of Improper Lane Change

Improper lane change tends to cause motor vehicle accidents when another motor vehicle driver cannot respond quickly enough or break with enough time to avoid colliding with the driver who changed lanes. There are a variety of situations in which motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia can perform improper lane change. Some of the unsafe lane change include the following situations:

There are a variety of reasons why motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia are forced to make a quick lane change. Some of the reasons for lane change include: animals that run onto the road, limited visibility due to fog or other poor conditions, medical problems that come on suddenly, oil spills on the road, poor road conditions that cause a motor vehicle driver to lose control of their vehicle, roadside obstructions, and rushing to a hospital,

Unsafe lane change can cause motor vehicle collisions which often occur because a motor vehicle driver cannot move out of the way of a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction or the driver cannot break fast enough when being cut off by a driver who has changed lanes.

Accidents Involving Improper Lane Change

If a motor vehicle operator loses control of their vehicle, serious accidents can occur including front end accidents, rear-end collisions, rollovers, and side-impact collisions. These accidents are often particularly serious and can involve both fatalities and injuries like broken bones, burns, facial damage, internal injuries, lacerations, paralysis, traumatic brain damage, and whiplash.

If a motor vehicle driver makes an improper lane change that results in the death of any party including another motor vehicle driver, a passenger, or a bystander than the liable motorist can often expect to face a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court in addition to penalties from a law enforcement citation.

In order to avoid accidents due to improper lane change, individuals should understand how to properly change lanes while driving. Motor vehicle operators who desire to change lanes should first wait until there is a clear gap in traffic. A motorist should then turn on a motor vehicle’s signal, check the vehicle’s rearview mirrors, and check the vehicle’s blind spots by looking over the individual’s shoulder.

A motorist should then smoothly move into the center of the new lane while maintaining the individual’s space in the flow of traffic so that no surrounding motor vehicles are forced to change driving patterns. Motor vehicle drivers should always remember to turn off their motor vehicle’s signals are completing a lane change.

Defending Against an Unsafe Lane Change Citation

There are several potential defenses available for individuals to respond to unsafe lane change citations. In many cases, individuals have received a citation for unsafe lane change because law enforcement has determined that the individual did not change lanes with “reasonable safety”. Many individuals are able to successfully defend against unsafe lane change by undermining the law enforcement officer’s judgment.

In other cases, law enforcement officers were not situated in adequate locations in order to determine that the motorist made an unsafe lane change. In order to raise a strong defense against law enforcement concerning an unsafe lane change citation, individuals frequently find it essential to retain the services of strong and talented legal counsel.

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Accidents due to improper lane change can leave motor vehicle drivers particularly confused about how to proceed. Motor vehicle drivers should remember to follow several recommended guidelines in the event of an accident, which include:

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