Running a Red Light in Atlanta

Statistics reveal that approximately two million running red light accidents occur in the United States each year resulting in the deaths of over 700 individuals each year. Designed to direct the flow of traffic in a better-controlled manner, red lights are an important part of red light structures and failure to follow these important traffic control devices has the significant potential to cause serious injuries that can severely injure involved motor vehicle drivers and passengers.

At Yeargan & Kert, LLC, our legal counsel knows how to assess situations involving red-light violations in order to create the strongest case possible.

Running A Red Light Accidents

There are a wide variety of reasons why red light accidents occur. Some of the most common types of red light violations in the state of Georgia include the following:

Running A Red Light and Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras monitor intersections that are controlled by traffic lights. For motor vehicle operators who are caught violating a red light by one of these cameras, a ticket is often sent in the mail. Charges can be made for the mere fact that a motor vehicle operator was still located in the intersection at the exact moment that the lights turned from yellow to red.

Individuals can expect to be forced to pay a fine of seventy dollars. This citation will likely result in an increase of one’s automobile insurance rates as well.

Potential Defenses To Running A Red Light From Yeargan & Kert, LLC

There are fortunately a number of available defenses for individuals to respond to red light charges.

One of the most common types of defenses is arguing that the motor vehicle operator could not see the red light in question which can be caused due to obstruction by foliage. In order to successfully argue this defense, individuals frequently must provide photographic evidence.

Another potential defense is arguing that the red light in question was recently installed. An individual might be unable to raise this argument if the individual was merely careless in nature rather than unaware that the light existed.

In a limited number of situations, motor vehicle operators are able to successfully argue that the yellow question that preceded the red light was too short in duration and that the appropriate agency shortened the yellow light in order to increase the number of motor vehicle operators who are charged with running a red light.

In addition to these three potential defenses, there are several ways in which individuals are often able to defend against the use of red-light cameras. One potential defense is arguing that an individual was not the person who was operating the motor vehicle’s red light camera picture.

While Atlanta red light tickets are often particularly hard to challenge, a skilled attorney will likely be able to recommend a strong defense to respond to one’s citation.

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