Georgia Administrative License Suspension

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In the state of Georgia, driving is considered a privilege – not a right. As such, anyone who is arrested for drunk driving in Atlanta can have their license suspended by the Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH) without being convicted of a crime.

If you are facing an OSAH administrative license suspension in Georgia, it is essential that you take steps to defend yourself as quickly as possible. You can start by hiring an experienced Atlanta DUI defense lawyer, like those here at Yeargan & Kert, LLC.

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What is an Administrative License Suspension?

An administrative driver’s license suspension is a civil penalty that is directed by the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH). These suspensions are automatically triggered in all DUI cases in which one of the following conditions are present:

In most instances, administrative driver’s license suspensions last for 12 months. However, individuals who have multiple traffic offenses on their record may lose their driving privileges for as long as 5 years.

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How to File an Appeal Against an OSAH Administrative License Suspension

When the state of Georgia wishes to administratively suspend a driver’s license, they typically send them a DDS Form 1205. Once the subject receives this document, they have 30 calendar days to appeal the decision and request a hearing.

To appeal their suspension, a driver must send a letter to the Georgia Department of Driver Services that includes information such as:

This letter, along with a filing fee of $150, should then be mailed to:

Georgia Department of Driver Services

PO Box 80447

Conyers, GA 30013

Those who wish to hand-deliver their appeal can visit:

2206 East View Parkway

Conyers, GA 30013

Once the state receives notice of a valid appeal, they will schedule a hearing to determine whether or not the subject’s license should be suspended. In most cases, this hearing takes place around 45 to 90 days after the initial arrest.

The scope of administrative license suspension hearings in the state of Georgia is usually limited to issues such as:

If the presiding judge finds that the arresting officer did not follow protocol or otherwise failed to meet their statutory requirements when arresting the suspect, they are likely to rule that the license suspension should be rescinded.

An Alternative Option: Ignition Interlock Device

For many years, individuals who were set to have their license administratively suspended in Georgia could only maintain their driving privileges by requesting an appeal hearing. In 2017, however, the state introduced a second option – the ignition interlock device.

An ignition interlock device is a machine that is installed in an individual’s car to prevent them from drinking and driving. Vehicles that are fitted with this device cannot start without having the driver blow into the mouthpiece to prove that they do not have any alcohol in their system.

Individuals who choose to fit an ignition interlock device to their car instead of filing a license suspension appeal are required to keep it for at least 12 months. During that time, they are free to continue driving as normal – as long as they do not violate any additional traffic laws.

Drivers who select the ignition interlock option are typically required to pay the following fees:

Are you facing an administrative license suspension because of an elevated BAC or a refusal to submit to testing? Then please do not hesitate to contact the attorneys here at Yeargan & Kert, LLC, in Atlanta. We may be able to help you keep your license and stay on the road.

How to Get a Georgia Driver’s License Reinstated After an Administrative Suspension

The reinstatement process for individuals who have their license administratively suspended as part of their Georgia DUI case is heavily dependent on that person’s driving record and the reason why they lost their license.

Drivers who refused to submit to chemical testing or who have had a prior DUI conviction in the past 5 years are required to wait at least a year before applying for reinstatement. Once this time has elapsed, they must generally take the following steps before they can get back on the road:

Individuals who do not have any prior DUIs and who submitted to chemical testing are often eligible to apply for a limited permit to drive after just 30 days of suspension. To do so, they also need to pay their fines, take part in a treatment program, provide proof of insurance, and pay a fee to the state.

Once they receive their limited license in the mail, they are permitted to drive once more. However, their travel is limited to the following locations:

Their limited permit also grants them the ability to drive unlicensed family members to these same locations.

Do you need help getting your driver’s license reinstated after a DUI arrest and administrative suspension? If so, please contact the Yeargan & Kert, LLC, legal team as soon as possible. We would be more than happy to arrange a meeting at our Atlanta law offices to learn more about your situation.

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