Dealing With DUI Court

A Decatur High School graduate was recently killed after a drunk driver struck her vehicle. The driver was stopped at a stop light when she was struck from behind. As a result of this collision, the driver struck the vehicle located in front of her, which led to a chain reaction with three other vehicles. A report issued by law enforcement later revealed that the woman died of a traumatic brain injury.

As a result of the accident, one driver is charged with vehicular homicide in addition to driving under the influence, following too closely, and serious injury by vehicle. While the driver declined an alcohol and drug test, detectives at the scene of the accident believe that he was intoxicated while driving. At the suspect’s first court appearance, he was confronted with the deceased graduate’s friends and family.

Law enforcement later stated that there was not any evidence that the intoxicated motorist attempted to stop before rear-ending the woman’s vehicle. An officer testified that he could smell alcohol on the motorist’s breath and that he was slurring his speech. Also according to law enforcement, the driver admitted to drinking alcohol at a nearby Ruby Tuesday’s shortly before the accident.

If you have been charged with a DUI crime, you will likely end up before a judge and a court of law several times before your case is over. Regardless of how you anticipate pleading, it is important to follow some of the basic pieces of advice regarding presenting in front of a court of law for a DUI charge

Dress Appropriately

Whenever you plan on appearing before the judge, it is important to dress professionally. Everything that you do before the court will impact how your case is ultimately decided. By dressing appropriately, you convey to the judge that you understand the seriousness of your offense and do not plan on committing the offense ever again. For men, it is best to wear long pants and a collared shirt as well as a sports coat and tie if you own one. Women should wear skirts or slacks and a formal looking blouse; sometimes a conservative dress is also a good choice.

Address the Judge Appropriately

While some judges care less about it, it is important to address the judge as ‘Your Honor’ rather than any other type of polite greeting. Addressing the judge in this way helps to communicate the point that you are taking matters seriously and treating the judge with an adequate amount of respect.

Listen to Your Lawyer

If your lawyer requests that you provide a statement in a certain way or remain quiet for parts of the arraignment or hearing, it is a wise idea to do so. An experienced DUI attorney understands what to say as well as how to act to make certain that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact a Seasoned DUI Lawyer in Atlanta

There are numerous complex issues involved with DUI cases. One of the best ways to respond to these cases is to obtain the assistance of our experienced DUI attorneys in Atlanta. At Yeargan & Kert LLC, we have helped numerous people respond to DUI cases and understand how to navigate even the toughest cases. Contact our law office today to schedule an initial free case evaluation.