Diversion Program

Georgia Pretrial Diversion Program

A Georgia pretrial diversion program is a valuable option individuals have which allows them to dismiss the charges pending against them, avoid a conviction, and remove the arrest from their criminal history. Diversion programs’ eligibility and program requirements vary from court to court, but the general requirements will be discussed here.

Most diversion programs are only available to people who have never been arrested before. However, depending on the court and the charge, a person may still be eligible for diversion even if this is not their first offense.

Once a person has been accepted into the program they will be placed on probation, or some other supervisory program, for a specified period of time. During this time they must complete certain requirements that are specific to the charges pending against them. For example a person charged with possession of marijuana may have to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation, perform community service, and submit to random drug tests while a person charged with shoplifting may only have to attend anti-shoplifting classes and complete community service.

Once all of the requirements have been completed, the supervisory period is over, and the person charged has not gotten any new charges the charges against the individual are dismissed, and the arrest can be removed from their criminal history.

Diversion programs may be used to avoid convictions on many different charges including, but not limited to, possession of marijuana, shoplifting, battery, domestic violence, minor in possession, drug possession, and certain felonies. However, diversion programs may not be used to avoid convictions on certain charges such as Driving Under the Influence.

Diversion programs allow people the opportunity to keep a conviction, and arrest record, from interfering with their future employment or education, disqualifying them from military service, suspending academic scholarships, and suspending their driver’s license.

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