Five Ways to Avoid Distracted Driving

Recently in the Atlanta area, a driver received only minor injuries after his vehicle collided with a fence and subsequently flipped approximately 30 feet off of a parking deck. The car proceeded to land in front of someone nearby who was washing a vehicle. Bystanders mistook the noise of the car for train cars colliding with one another. While the vehicle’s roof and side were substantially damaged, the driver was able to walk away from the accident. While it still remains uncertain exactly how the accident occurred, each year a large number of people are seriously injured in similar ways due to distracted driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2016, there were 3,450 lives taken as a result of distracted driving. The following are some important pieces of advice that you can take to avoid being seriously injured or killed in a distracted driving accident.

Focus on Driving

Under no circumstances should you let anything other than controlling your vehicle and the conditions ahead steal your attention. There are numerous obstacles including other motorists, pedestrians, and potholes that require your attention. If you are distracted, you are more likely to be in a serious accident.

Make Any Changes Before Driving

Make any important adjustments to your vehicle before driving. This includes any changes that you might makes to directional systems, mirrors, or seats. If you try to fiddle with these things while operating your vehicle, there is a risk that you will distract yourself substantially enough that you will end up in an accident.

Secure Other Passengers Before Operating Your Vehicle

Make sure that any children or pets that are in the vehicle are safely secured before driving. If they need your attention, rather than attempting to take care of matters while driving your vehicle, you should pull over to the side of the road and then handle things.

Place Your Electronic Devices Elsewhere

You should never attempt to use your cell phone while driving. If you absolutely must make a phone call, you should first pull over to the side of the road. This advice also means that you should refrain from using email, text messaging, or the internet while driving your vehicle.

Never Multi-Task

You should never attempt to do two things while operating your vehicle. Instead of multi-tasking, you should pull off the road and stop your vehicle in a safe place. To avoid attempting to multitask while driving, you should power down all devices before heading out onto the road.

Speak with a Distracted Driving Lawyer

If you or a loved one is involved in a distracted driving accident, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced distracted driving attorney. At Yeargan & Kert LLC, we have a strong track record of helping people respond to distracted driving charges. We understand what it takes to reach a positive outcome in your case and are not afraid to fight for the best possible results. Contact our law office today to schedule an initial free case evaluation.