How to Spot an Intoxicated Driver

Recently in Gwinnett County, law enforcement arrested a driver who was involved in a multiple vehicle crash that resulted in the death of at least one person. Law enforcement reports that the accident occurred when the driver lost control of her vehicle and killed a backseat passenger. As a result of this offense, the driver faces misdemeanor charges of vehicular homicide, failure to maintain her lane, and driving without a license. Unfortunately, drunk driving is occurring at an epidemic rate. Statistics reveal that each day 28 people die in car accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers. While it is impossible to always avoid encounters with drunk drivers, it is possible to learn what steps to take to quickly notice and avoid intoxicated drivers.

Swerving Between Lanes

Consuming alcohol can greatly impair a driver’s vision, which can lead to dizziness that makes it challenging to remain in a single lane. Failure to remain within the correct lane is one of the easiest ways to distinguish an intoxicated driver. Avoiding drivers who can not remain in their lanes is one of the best ways that you can avoid ending up in an accident with an intoxicated driver.

Driving too Fast or too Slow

One of the biggest signs that a driver is intoxicated is if the driver travels too fast or too slow. In many cases, these speeds indicate the motor vehicle operator’s inability to apply consistent pressure to the brake. Although failure to maintain proper speed does not always suggest a drunk driver, in addition to other signs, it strongly indicates that a motorist is intoxicated.

Ignoring Traffic Lights and Signals

In many cases, drunk drivers fail to obey traffic lights and signals. Accidents at intersections are common among drunk drivers. While it is critical for all motor vehicle drivers to remain observant while passing through intersections, you should also remain observant of other drivers who fail to pay attention while passing through intersections.

Sudden Stops

Drunk drivers are known to stop suddenly in the middle of the road without any reason. If you notice this sign, it is an indication that a driver is not in the correct frame of mind. This type of driving pattern has the potential to cause sudden collisions. If you notice a driver operating a vehicle in such a manner, it is often an indication that the driver is intoxicated.

Failure to Follow Road Signs

A driver who violates any rules of the road is often a sign that the driver is operating the vehicle while intoxicated. Some of the most common driving patterns about which drivers should be aware include drivers who swerve to avoid colliding with other vehicles, make sharp or sudden turns, fail to put on a vehicle’s headlights at night, or enter the road in the wrong direction.

Contact a DUI Attorney

If you notice an intoxicated driver, you should not hesitate to report him or her to the police. Law enforcement allows these reports to be made anonymously. When DUI accidents do occur, you should not hesitate to contact the highly experienced DUI attorneys at Yeargan & Kert LLC. Contact our law office today to schedule an initial free consultation.