Important Things to Know About DUI Plea Deals

Reality star Tommie Lee of “Love and Hip Hop Atlantafaced two years in prison in association with a 2016 DUI arrest until recently making a plea deal that limits Lee’s jail time to just two days in Fulton County Jail. Additionally, Lee will be required to complete 40 hours of community service and attend alcohol and drug treatment. Making a plea deal is often a particularly complicated process, which is why you should not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney if you find yourself in this situation. The following are some pieces of advice that you should consider when navigating a plea deal.

There are Many Types of Plea Deals

Plea deals often provide the opportunity to reach a conclusion that is agreeable to all involved parties. The exact form of plea deal that is offered, however, can change significantly. Some of the most common types of plea deals include pleading guilty to less serious offenses, dismissal of a pending charge, or agreeing to a sentence that does not involve a substantial fine or license suspension.

Plea Deals can be Negotiated Anytime and Anywhere

It is important to remember that your attorney can negotiate a plea deal at any time during proceedings. The exact plea deal that is offered can be either formal or informal in nature. As a result, you should make sure to obtain legal counsel that will remain committed to obtaining the best possible results for you.

Make Sure Your Plea Deal is Formalized

After reaching a verbal agreement for a plea, it is important to appear before a judge and have prosecution explain the proposed arrangement. While the judge is not required to accept a plea agreement, he or she often will. If things do not go as planned, and the judge requires different terms, it is important to withdraw your plea and continue on to trial.

Avoiding Revealing Your Defense

It is important to avoid revealing too much about the defense that you plan to use to combat your charge to the prosecutor. There is a risk that if you reveal this information, the prosecution will later use it to weaken the defense that you do raise in response to these charges.

Avoid Admitting Guilt

Under no circumstance should you admit guilt during your negotiation with a prosecutor or law enforcement officer. If you admit guilt, there is a risk that your admission can be used against you later should you fail to reach an agreeable deal. It is a much better idea to respond that you are not certain if guilt can be established and explain the rationale for this perspective.

Speak with an Experienced DUI Attorney

It is likely that anyone is arrested for a DUI will end up encountering a prosecutor who is interested in making a plea deal. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney at Yeargan & Kert LLC to obtain legal counsel who will make sure that you obtain the best possible results.