Milton DUI Lawyers

Milton DUI Lawyers

In addition to fighting DUI’s in Atlanta, Georgia we also fight DUI’s in the surrounding metropolitan area. One of our favorite courts outside of Atlanta is the Milton Municipal Court located at 13000 Deerfield Parkway  Suite 107 E Milton, Georgia 30004. The Municipal Court of Milton is an excellent court to handle your case.

As with any jurisdiction it is important to know the ins and outs of DUI Law, field sobriety testing, breath testing on the Intoxilyzer 5000 and 9000, as well as the court’s own unique attributes. Having practiced in the Milton Municipal Court for the past 10 years I am familiar with the court’s unique attributes, and Milton is one of my favorite courts to handle cases.

Municipal Court of Milton Vs. Fulton County State Court

If your case cannot be resolved there, or you wish to have a jury trial, your case may be sent to the State Court of Fulton County. Binding your case over to Fulton County will delay the case 18 months. Speak with the Smyrna DUI Lawyer before making any decisions regarding your case. There are many advantages to sending your Milton DUI arrest, or other charges, to the State Court of Fulton County. To learn more about these advantages, which may result in your entire case being dismissed, contact the Milton DUI Lawyers.

ALS Suspensions and Milton Municipal Court

Many Smyrna Police Officers show up at the administrative license suspensions. Often, they will agree to withdraw the pending suspension of your driver’s license if you agree to enter a plea to DUI, Reckless Driving, or something else in the Smyrna Municipal Court. If such an agreement is made, and you bind your case over to the State Court of Cobb County, the officer may reinstate the pending administrative suspension of your driver’s license. While this is rare it is something to be considered when binding a DUI case over from the Smyrna Municipal Court to the State Court of Cobb County. The Smyrna DUI Lawyer is familiar with the Smyrna Officers, and can advise you on the best action to take.

Georgia Department of Driver Services

To find out how your case in the Municipal Court of Milton may affect your driver’s license contact the Smyrna DUI Lawyer, or visit the State of Georgia Department of Driver Services’ web site here.

If you have a DUI in Milton Municipal Court contact the Milton DUI Lawyers today to discuss your options, and possible outcomes.