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The Danger of Lying to Police Officers

Law enforcement in Georgia reports that recently after being pulled over on a congested highway, a man placed his 3-month-old daughter on top of a stolen handgun on the vehicle’s floorboard. When the man told law enforcement that there was not anyone inside of the vehicle, law enforcement searched the man’s vehicle and discovered his (read more)

Defending Against Intent to Distribute Charges

Law enforcement in Floyd County recently charged a couple of people in Rome with felony possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. These charges come after a traffic stop occurred on Georgia 53 North. During the search, law enforcement found a black bag with two bags of methamphetamines, a scale, and baggies used for packaging (read more)

The Most Common Types of DUI Accidents

A man from Rossville, Georgia was recently placed in the Catoosa County jail after he crashed into a mobile home while operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The accident occurred when the driver lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road. Following an arrest, the driver was cited with driving under (read more)

Dealing With DUI Court

A Decatur High School graduate was recently killed after a drunk driver struck her vehicle. The driver was stopped at a stop light when she was struck from behind. As a result of this collision, the driver struck the vehicle located in front of her, which led to a chain reaction with three other vehicles. (read more)

What to do if Pulled Over With Marijuana

A Taliaferro County law enforcement officer recently arrested two individuals during a traffic stop on Interstate 20. The arrest occurred shortly after 300 pounds of marijuana was detected in a secret compartment of a motor home coming from California to Charleston. Both the driver and passenger are now located in Wilkes County Jail with pending (read more)

What You Must do After Georgia Accidents

A pickup driver in Cobb County recently left a bicyclist at the scene of an accident with a broken neck. Video footage of the driver, however, was caught on the bicyclist’s camera. In the video footage, a driver can be seen stopping in front of the bicyclist and knocking the rider off of the bike. (read more)

Understanding Marijuana Charges

A man was recently arrested after a Special Operations Unit searched his home and seized dangerous weapons as well as THC oil. The man was taken into custody and charged with one count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a drug related object, possession of a firearm or knife during an (read more)

DUI Pleas

A former reality TV star of “Little Women: Atlanta” was recently sentenced to 16 years in prison for the death of an individual that resulted from a wrong-way collision in Virginia. Before being convicted, the driver pled guilty to driving the wrong way, failing to obey a highway sign, and manslaughter. Law enforcement has reported (read more)

What Not to do if Pulled Over for a DUI

A man in Forsyth last month was jailed on charges of driving under the influence as well as aggravated battery after he crashed his vehicle and proceeded to get into a fight with an emergency medical technician. Law enforcement at the scene of the accident reports that the driver was arrested on one count of (read more)

How to Act at DUI Checkpoints

No matter the degree of caution that you apply to drinking and driving, there is a significant possibility that eventually you will end up either charged for driving under the influence or in the middle of a DUI stop. For this reason, it is particularly helpful for drivers in Georgia to understand what to do (read more)