Points Suspension in Georgia

In Georgia, driving is a privilege, not a right. Like most states, Georgia uses a point system to track drivers. This point system is used to revoke the privilege of those considered bad drivers. What typically happens is good drivers may have the misfortune of being labeled bad drivers because of the state’s point system and may face a Georgia points suspension.

How The Georgia Points Suspension is used to Suspend Licenses In Georgia

Every driver is required to obey all traffic laws. When they disobey the law, they commit a traffic infraction. Traffic infractions are not generally laws a driver will go to the county jail for committing. Instead, points are added to the driver’s record.

Georgia’s Department of Driver Services has the job of determining how and when points are added to driving records. Points are assessed against any driver for moving traffic violations. The Department of Driver Services also maintains every driver’s record in the state.

Driving records are not sealed or kept confidential. Instead, they are open to the public. In fact, points are routinely checked by employers hiring for commercial driving jobs. Auto insurance carriers use a person’s driving record to determine how much they will pay in car insurance and their risk of causing an accident.

If you are deemed a bad, reckless or dangerous driver, your driving privileges can be:

Common Traffic Violations that Add Points to a Driving Record in Georgia

The points added to a driver’s record vary depending on the infraction and severity of the traffic law allegedly broken. For instance, the headlight requirement law indicates when a driver must turn on their vehicle’s headlights. If a police officer catches a driver operating a motor vehicle without displaying their headlights, it is a traffic infraction. Generally, three points are added to a person’s driving record.

Other common traffic violations include:

Other moving violations typically add three points to a driving record.

Point Violations from other States are Added to Your Georgia Driving Record

The Georgia of Department of Driver Services does include points for traffic violations that occur outside of the state on a driver’s record. It does not add points against an out-of-state driving license.

However, that does not mean the Department of Driver Services will not report any traffic conviction that happens in Georgia to another state. It will. The Department of Driver Services will inform the other state about the convictions. The other state, commonly referred to as the licensing state, may add points against a driver’s license according to its particular state law.

A Georgia Driver’s License can be Suspended for 15 Points or More In A 24-Month Period Resulting In A Georgia Points Suspension

Any driver who accumulates 15 points or more on their driving record within a 24-month period will have their license taken away for one year. As a consolation, the state will allow a driver to continue to drive to certain places. This exception is only a first-time suspension. A first-time license suspension occurs within in five years. A repeat offender is considered any driver who has their license suspended for a second time within a five-year period.

For anyone who has their license suspended will be eligible for a driving permit. The driving permit will allow a driver to travel:

If the driver does receive a second driving license suspension within a five-year period, they can seek to reinstate their license immediately. To do this, the driver must complete a defensive driving course. The state also requires a driver seeking reinstatement to pay a fee. As of 2017, the fee is approximately $210. This information is located on the Georgia Department of Driver Services website.

Consequences in Georgia for a Suspended License Depends on Age

For a driver over 18 years old, but younger than 21 years old, it only takes 4 points in a single incident for a license suspension. Their license will be suspended for six months. However, they can apply for a limited driving permit. A second license suspension will lead to a 12 month period.

For a driver under the 18 years old, a license suspension will occur if they receive four or more points on their driving record. Their license will be suspended for six months. There is no opportunity for a limited driving permit. A second license suspension will take away their license for 12 months.

Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC in Georgia to Fight Your License Suspension Resulting from a Georgia Points Suspension

As you have read, a license suspension in Atlanta is serious and can complicate your life for a long time. You have options to avoid a license suspension. You can plead no contest. You can request a point reduction from the Department of Driver Services. You can also fight the traffic charge. Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC to understand more about what we can do to fight your potential license suspension. Contact Yeargan & Kert, LLC immediately.