Impeding the Flow of Traffic in Georgia

While nearly every motorist is aware that there are numerous laws prohibiting motor vehicle drivers from traveling at excessive speeds, some motorists are surprised to learn that there are also “slow poke” laws which restrict motor vehicle operators who drive vehicles at excessively slow speeds. In an effort to decrease traffic congestion and resulting incidents from road rage, the state of Georgia enacted legislation prohibiting motor vehicle travel at speeds so slow that a driver interferes with other motorists on the road.

All individuals in the state of Georgia should understand the key details about how these laws are regulated and the various available defenses if a motorist is charged with impeding the flow of traffic. Motorists should also understand that the assistance of seasoned legal counsel from Yeargan & KErt, LLC can prove particularly helpful in cases involving impeding the flow of traffic.

Applicable Georgia Law

Law enforcement officers in Georgia can give individuals citations for driving too slowly in the left lane on Georgia Highway. The applicable law states that no individual in the state of Georgia is permitted to drive a motor vehicle so slowly as to prevent “the normal and reasonable movement of traffic” except in situations when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation. T

his law was created due to the belief that in many circumstances driving too slowly can be just as detrimental as driving at speeds that are too fast for conditions. These laws also make road conditions easier for ambulances to quickly arrive at destinations. Another reason for the creation of the law is that slower motorist tends to cause faster moves to weave around traffic in order to avoid slow drivers, which causes a number of accidents each year.

Consequences of an Impeding the Flow of Traffic Charge

A charge of impeding the flow of traffic can result in particularly strict penalties. Individuals can expect to a maximum fine of one thousand dollars in addition to having three points placed on the individual’s Georgia driver’s license. The accumulation of fifteen or more points within a twenty-four month period can result in an individual’s license being suspended. The Georgia Department of Driver Services handles points and license suspensions for Georgia drivers.

Georgia Slowpoke Law

Another applicable law in the state of Georgia requires a motorist to move over if a motor vehicle behind the individual is traveling well above the speed limit. This law, which has been dubbed the Georgia “Slow Poke” law and is also known as House Bill 459 is meant to improve traffic congestion and tailgating by leaving the left lane open for motor vehicle drivers who traveling at faster speeds. Under this “Slow Poke” law, a motor vehicle operator who does not move out of a lane when a faster motor vehicle approaches are at risk of receiving a citation under this law.

Despite the “Slow Poke” law, there are several circumstances in which motor vehicle operators are able to remain in the left lane, which include the following situations:

Georgia law enforcement officers are not required to provide motorists with warnings about the “slow poke” law and can ticket a motorist even if the motorist is unaware of the law’s existence.

Motor vehicle drivers should remember to only use the far left-hand lane when passing other vehicles. Drivers should also always remember to yield to faster traffic by merging back over to the right lane.

Motorists in the state of Georgia should also note that in areas with more than two lanes of traffic, Georgia’s “slow poke” law only applies to the “most left-handed lane other than a high occupancy vehicle lane”, which means that drivers are not required to move all the way to the far right lane.

Available Defenses to Impeding Traffic Citations From Yeargan & Kert, LLC

There are several available defenses for individuals who are charged with violations of impeding the flow of traffic or Georgia’s “slow poke” law. Some of these defenses include the following:

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If you are charged with impeding the traffic in the state of Georgia, it is an extremely wise idea to quickly retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney like the legal counsel at Yeargan & Kert, LLC who make sure that your case resolves in the best possible manner.

Our legal counsel will review a variety of factors including the general flow of traffic, the time of day, and weather conditions to determine if any of these elements played into a motor vehicle driver’s decision to travel at an excessively slow speed or not change to the right-hand lane. Our lawyers know what it takes to win tough cases and will remain committed to making sure that your case resolves in a positive manner. At Yeargan & Kert, LLC, we are committed to helping individuals defend against impeding the flow of traffic charges.