Improper Backing Violations in Georgia

There are a high number of motor vehicles accidents in the state of Georgia that occur due to improper backing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately three hundred accidents occur due to backing up accidents each year. Unfortunately, in a number of cases these accidents either involve children or others who cannot quickly be seen by motor vehicle drivers.

In a large number of these types of accidents, motor vehicle operators are unable to spot the individual that is struck because the driver cannot see this blind spot behind the vehicle by either simply turning the driver’s head or looking into a mirror. In order to avoid backing up accidents, it helps to learn some important information about how these types of accidents occur.

Improper Backing Accidents

Improper backing accidents are a type of motor vehicle collisions that occur when a motor vehicle operator is backing up and cannot see various items or people including pedestrians and bicycles behind the vehicle. Larger types of vehicle including sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks are at greater when backing up because these vehicles are located higher off the ground and resulting have larger blind spots.

In addition to these locations, many back-up accidents each year occur at play areas where children have been known to wander away from the immediate location of a playground.

Another common type of backing-up accidents involves motor vehicle operators who fail to exercise proper caution before backing up. Drivers must always remember that by being cautious, one can greatly reduce the chances a backing-up accident will occur. Other situations that might increase blinds spots include if a motor vehicle operator is short in height and cannot easily see behind the vehicle.

Not every backing up accident, however, occurs solely due to the fault of the motor vehicle operator. Bicyclists and pedestrians must always make sure to exercise the utmost caution when walking near alleyways, driveways, or parking lots. Children also must be taught to exercise particular caution in these areas to avoid the chances that a backing-up accident will occur.

Many collisions occur each year when vehicles are backing out of driveways in residential areas and many other backing up accidents occur in Georgia parking lots. When backing-up accidents occur, these actions can cause serious injury to the parties that are struck by the motor vehicle. In a large number of cases, these accident victims lack proper safety equipment in order to provide full protection against such an impact.

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